Best Silver ICs under 300?

From all the posts I've seen it looks like all silver wiring is the way for me to go (EVo amp, tube pre-amp, Talon Audio Khites, etc...). I need a lot of wire and can't afford the high-end wires, so what's a reasonable man to do if he wants detailed, musically envolving sound? What's the best silver cable at real-world prices?
Analysis plus silver line. Can be had for $300 used
Look at DHLabs. I use their silver speaker cables, Q10.
How inexpensive do you want to be? I wouldn't get hung up on silver, gold, copper per se. Just listen to the best stuff you can find. You might just find some copper works the best. NBS Stingher at $95.00 is pretty hard to beat for a budget cable. Their more pricey stuff is even better. I'm sold on the stuff. Good Luck! Roger
Homegrown silver lace. ( $189/m with 30 day trial. Or $139 for the kit if you have some soldering skills and a meter.
Goertz Micro Purl Silver. Several people I know (including me)love them. Mine are about one year old and since I got them I quit trying to upgrade my interconnects. The Needle Doctor had great prices on them when I bought mine. Perhaps he still does.
I have tried a lot of interconnect lately and the best I have heard that is reasonably priced is Vantage Audio Silver Marina. 245.00 factory direct. They will send you the cable and let you audition it for 45 days before you decide to either send them the money or the cable back. You can locate them at talk to Richard he is a great guy to work with.
For the past 8 years, (probably longer) I have used Silver Audio (4.0, Hyacinth, and Appassionata) interconnects, I consider them to be very good interconnects and I am happy with them. At a friend’s suggestion, for the heck of it, I demoed the Mapleshade Double Helix interconnect and Digital cable. Although they don’t look like much or cost a fortune, my jaw dropped to the floor. I still need to do another day or two of testing however I am very impressed! The sound is very clean and detailed, starts and stops quickly and really lets the texture of the music through. I am using Cary 2A3 SE monoblocks, or Conrad Johnson Premier 11-A amp, Cary 94 preamp, Bel Canto Dac-1.1, Wadia #20 Transport, Klipsck KLF 30 Tower speakers and Silver Audio Symphony 48 speaker cables. I’m not saying that Mapleshade is the way to go for everyone however it’s something to consider and one has to hear it for themselves to believe it. I hope this is helpful.
BEAR Labs Silver Lightning might be among the best at any
price, IMHO. I am biased, though. There should be a website
going up soon with more info - until then you can email
BEAR Labs:b
I second Bean. Am using bearlabs now; I chose them over much more costly stuff (Nordost, Siltech).
What about Audio Magic ( Although I haven't used them yet myself I have heard great things about them. Also, they have lots of stuff to fit your budget.
Check out the Cableplex Nirvana Cables, they are custom made of silver plated copper and only available on ebay.
we tested them against $400 straightwire interconnects and
they are right there with them for a fraction of the price.
D H Labs have an excellant product line starting at $100. I owned there I.C. and speaker wires for years and tried them against a number of $300+ I.C.'s finding the DH Labs to be the best even at 1/3 the cost.
Anyone tried Bear Labs Silver Lightning?
Try before you buy. Synergy is everything. Have fun and take your'll know you've found it when you cna't haul yourself off to bed because the music sounds sooooo good...cheers, it can be so system dependent but trust your ears. regards, Bluenose There are excellent cables mentioned here.
Silver Audio makes fabulous and BEAUTIFUL cables. I believe you can find them used for under 300.00. The high end Appassionata costs a couple/few hundred more than your 300.00 limit as a new piece.

All models of Silver Audio cable will add air and detail to your music. The Appassionata goes one octave higher than the Jetstream. But.. the Jetsream has a little
better bass and is still amazingly ballanced throughout the frequency range. If you can find a used pair of Jetstreams I would recommend them as a first step.

Totally different sounding but silver also is the "old" Audioquest/Audiotruth Lapis X2 / X3 and Diamond X2 / X3. The Diamond is better thank the Lapis and provides a much more significant sound stage. But.. the Lapis is a fabulous cable none the less. I've used Lapis/Diamond in tube gear and Solid State gear with phenominal results. Seems if a cable is good, it sounds good in any combination. If you opt for the lapis (ranges in price between 100 and 300 depending on length) go with an X2 or X3 version of the cable. Earlier versions Lapis was COPPER and NOT silver. Be sure you don't make that mistake. Get the X2 or X3 (X3 is better/newer).

The Diamond is like I said, a much better cable overall and the price reflects that. A .5M pair can be had on audiogon used for around the 300.00 price tag.
Check out Stealth Cables in the Audiogon auction section. I'm using their gold interconnects and silver speaker cables, which I obtained for a fraction of the price of Nordost, Transparent, Tara top of the line cables, and I'm not sure that a better cable than Stealth cab be made.

Good luck.
Here's another vote for Homegrown Audio Silver Lace.
I have not found a better cable for the price. $189/meter
The only problem is that it sounds really bad for the first two days and then.....WOW!
Why are you limiting yourself to silver? There are plenty of ways of getting down the road... don't narrow your view of what is good or has certain sonic characteristics based upon one design parameter.
Oh... if I was going to answer your actual question though I would guess the Homegrown. I don't own a pair but I've had their Super Silvers in my system with pleasing results. I'm going to order a pair of the Silver Laces to compare with some homebrew cables I've been building and testing....
Make your own solid silver interconnects for under $50!! Check out Greg Weaver's article "Silver Signal Tape" at He describes how to make an interconnect similar in design to Mapleshade's that blew away more expensive competition. At this inexpensive price, it's worth building a pair or 2 if you posess basic soldering skills and a couple hours of time. He ordered 220 feet of 30 gauge ("thinner is better") solid silver wire for $23.10 from Myron Toback, Inc. in NYC. Their phone is 212-398-8300. I haven't built a pair yet, but I plan to and at less than $50, how can you go wrong? At least you would have an interconnect that you could use in auditioning new cables in your system prior to purchase. Good Luck!
Try Alpha Core's Purl @ $127/m
A critical factor in buying and assembling DIY cable is the surface smoothness of the wire (as well as purity, which is not unusual to be overclaimed without certification).

You may be able to buy a roll of silver wire quite inexpensively, but the surface may not be well polished, and you could end up with rough, grainy sound. This is especially sensitive with silver, as it's very revealing. You might explore hand polishing techniques if building your own from spooled wire.

BEAR Labs now has a website partially up, with some specials.
Kevint, Audiogon often holds auctions for the DH Labs Silver Pulse. I won a 2 meter pair of these about 9 months ago for $195. I'm using these as a subwoofer cable right now, but plan to see how they compare to my Cardas Golden Cross which is between my CD and amp.

With these, the bass seems quit ample yet defined. I'm sorry I don't have more to tell you. If any other forunm members has an opinion on the Silver Pulse, that may be something you might want to look into.
I was able to pick up used AQ Diamond at very attractive prices and highly recommend it. I would never bite when this stuff was $1,000 per meter but am happy to play around with it now.

I've found, however, that the combination I like best is the Diamond (silver) between my DAC and pre and AQ Emerald (copper) throughout the rest of the system. Used Emerald is a little hard to find and despite its age is still my favorite IC. Original Lapis (copper not the later silver model) also works quite well and can be had at bargain prices today.
Go to Vantage Audio ( and give them a try. You will be amazed, I am. In fact, I'm going to sell my current Transparent Audio IC's and speaker cable to move on to Vantage Audio. Regards, Doug