Best Shunyata Power Cord for.,,

not that familiar with current or past product lines. looking for opinions as to their best HC cords that are pure and not for softening. To be used on an AQ Niagara 7000 and Agostino amp. The latest AQ cords way to stiff. I don’t want the crazy priced cords like Sigma etc. The new Alpha NR( list $1500) a good candidate or would an older model be better? Really would appreciate hearing from long term Shunyata guys.
Sent you a PM. :)
sent you one back. didn’t get it

So how are you liking the NRs?
Just got them but no doubt they present a refined sound with a little too much bass at first but I expect that to change. Being a little(?)  flaky I purchased an AQ Hurricane thinking it was just a must for the AQ 7000 conditioner. Therefore the Alpha NR 20 amp is for sale. Brand new. 
Supposedly no break-in is needed on the new NR PCs.
Needed around 50-75 hrs for the 2 HCs to settle in my system. You’re correct about the refined sound with the Shunyatas, I’m pretty happy with them now. I’m currently looking for a 1.25m HC so I can try the Alpha digital on my pre/ pro. I suppose we are all a little nuts. :)