Best Shunyata Power Cord for.,,

not that familiar with current or past product lines. looking for opinions as to their best HC cords that are pure and not for softening. To be used on an AQ Niagara 7000 and Agostino amp. The latest AQ cords way to stiff. I don’t want the crazy priced cords like Sigma etc. The new Alpha NR( list $1500) a good candidate or would an older model be better? Really would appreciate hearing from long term Shunyata guys.
Just bought a used Alpha HC to check out. Have heard very good things about it. We’ll see
Would be interested in your findings too. Just got a used Alpha digital and I’m using it on my Aurender. Loving it so far but I’ve heard the HC is better.
after reading a bit it seems like the Alpha HC is very well regarded. i’m glad to find one as they are a bit scarce. 
Within the last week, I saw about 5 Alpha HC’s for sale. They sell quick, but not rare really. This model sold well for Shunyata, since you are able to use it on any component. Certain cords like the King Cobra CX are much harder to find. So now the newer NR series is sorta like the Alpha HC , you can use it on any component without any drawbacks.