Best Shipper for Large Packages

I just bought a set of speakers (110 pounds apiece) and had them shipped UPS. I thought this might work out since I could get them delivered in a set time frame (3 day service), and I had to take time off work to be there. The brand new boxes showed up today, and they had so many holes in them they looked like Bonnie and Clyde after the Feds got done with them. What shipping services have other people used with better results?
BAX Global is who I use for large items like speakers, they do a very good job. FedEX freight is also good, though they have a size/weight limit. BAX will ship damn near anything, and even pick up right at your door (though this costs more). I shipped a 330 pound pair of speakers cross-country with BAX, fully insured, and if I remember it cost the buyer something like $400 or so.
I've had excellent experience with Bax Global, especially with large stuff sent from the US to Europe. Also they are a bit cheaper than most. Lollypop is right on the money with BAX!
Ditto on Bax Global. Most shippers will not ship any individual items over 150 lbs. They shipped my BAT 6200 172 lbs. worth from San Diego to Denver, delivered to my door in two days. Check out their cheaper rate (they have some special name for it), as they generally meet the delivery times of the higher rates.
Have had good luck with FedEx air. I shipped some ADS M15s, which were about 120lbs per, (x2) and some ML Aerius, about 85lbs ea. Both went fine as far as I know. Using the original boxes is important, insurance helps. Have heard more bad things than good about UPS, so I tend not to use them anymore. Plus, if you do enough FedEx you can get a decent discount (40% off is what my company gets I think).

Hands down, TEAM AIR EXPRESS. They are a freight company, excellent service, no issues! They pallet most everything, they will even package items, this is the group to use for large or heavy objects. I have sent a 60" Pioneer Elite TV (which they had to box and pallet), several sets of B&W 801s, as well as a set of Infinity Compositions! All in need of boxing and shipping.

Team Air in SF, (877) 601-8070, ask for Tommy and let him know Dan Edwards sent you. Rates are in the $0.60 per pound range (depending from where and to where in the US it is shipped/picked), great service, and NO UPS!
Adcom Express or BAX Global.
I have shipped SoundLab speakers via Delta Air Cargo. SoundLab recommended them. While you do have to take your item to the airport and pick it up, they were not only less expensive than anything else I checked but they were fast.
I have also had great success witht Team Air. Several shipments with not one bad experience.
Krell (and I) recommend Ocean Air. They are known for being gentle. ... And, reasonable.
I have a big screen that I need delivered to a client. I need the shipper to take it in the house. Does anyone know of a shipper that provides that service. I normally use CFS Freight. Thanks!!
Thanks for all the feedback! So much for UPS :-).