Best shipper for 200lb amp?

I am looking for the best shipper with good reliability/cost for a 200lb amp from California to Niagra falls NY.
Anyoe have any recent experience?
AIT Worldwide Logistics
I've had very good luck with Pilot Air. And it is especially reasonable if you bring the amp to the depot (one in most major metropolitan areas) and it is picked up at a depot on the other end. Without home delivery, it becomes really reasonable. They will palletize it for you, and the pickerupper will find them sitting nicely on a pallet waiting to be taken home. I had Classe Omega amps (212 lbs each) shipped that way.
I use Service by Air for large shipments.
I learned about them because Esoteric ships to me (I am a dealer) using their service so I tried it when I had some shipments to send and I cannot say enough good things about them.
I would second Pilot Air. I had a set of Andra II's shipped from SF CA to JFK in 4 days for $275. That's 2 large crates at 250lbs ea. I got the tip from reading here on AG.
There is also "Forward Air" Dot Com. Check their site and look
under "locations" I have been using them for years.
Turns out,he needs it picked up in Sacramento as he cannot move it.Any ideas?
I've used them to ship B&W 801N's and Klipschorns.
You can also use Craters and Freighters but between the stratospheric prices and the crappy attitude, you'll need more patience and money than I've got.
Possibly Bax Global if its a commercial pickup point.This needs to be double-checked as its been along time for me,good luck,Bob
Call Sacramento for a quote let them know you need a pickup with a liftgate. If you can pickup the amp at Buffalo you will save money. Good Luck.

Sacramento - SMF
826 National Drive
Suite 190
Sacramento, CA 95834
Contact Information
Phone: 916-921-0670
Fax: 916-921-1882

Buffalo - BUF
3860 Broadway
Buffalo, NY 14227
Contact Information
Phone: 716-683-0600
Fax: 716-683-8492

Thanks for the Pilot-Sacramento...turns out he may be able to drop it off(has a bud with a truck) and I will just go to buffalo
thanks guys
That should work out well for you. One hitch is insurance. I believe Pilot Air can insure for dissappearance but not damage. You may be able to purchase some additional insurance through an outside party. I've taken that chance with Pilot, and no hitches. I'm not sure it's any difference for any of the other shippers. Just make sure you know what you are getting in that department. Oh, and if it is new rather than used, I think insurance is available through Pilot. If you check into this, perhaps update this thread with the info you find out.
Things you should know is HOW to ship. First it must be crated properly even if its in one. You then need a fowarder to handle the shipment make sure they do residential delivers. Insured is a must that's it. Foward air is everywhere check them out .
Pilotair has great prices,especially if you can drop it off and pick it up
I highley recomend Pilot Air!!Prices are great and service was fast guys.
Mclsound, It seems that Pilot Air worked well for you. It worked great for me that's why I recommended them. Congrats.
BAX has worked well for me on heavy shipments, it's only business door to business door, not residential.
what about for international air freight? pilot air as well?
BAX is history. They merged with DB Schenker and now Schenker is closing down all U.S. domestic operations.

To over to Pilot.