Best setup to introduce others to HiFi

I am trying to return to HiFi by resurrecting some equipment I used many years ago. Since I was "into" HiFi and left, I have lost a good portion of my hearing over around 10kHz, and added tinnitus to my soundstage. So I have lost some of my ability to appreciate music, and particularly my ability to detect some equipment weaknesses. However I recently have found pleasure in playing some of the music (vinyl) from my youth, from rock, jazz, symphonies, to opera. My equipment inventory includes a SOTA turntable, Denon head amp, Audio Research SP9, Premier FT3, Theta DS Pro Gen II DAC, Marantz model 15 (dual mono), a dead Aragon 4004 amp (probably blown output stage(s), Dalquist Subs, Dalquist crossover with 1 bad channel, and Magneplanar MC-.5/QR speakers.

My goal is to be able to show my kids (around 30 years old) that there there is something to HiFi, soundstage matters, and that music is not just to be played unobtrusively in the background, or loudly at a rock concert or disco. So I am planning on setting up what I can get to work in the living room for a few weeks or months, and see if I can persuade then to sit and listen. I think that the Maggies are not the best to start with as I have found them very touchy on where you listen. If I have two people listening, then one is not getting the full effect. I think that asking too much. So I am recalling speakers I have owned, specifically Ohm 8 speakers in around 1975.  Then Dalquists.  These, I think, did a better job of presenting a sound stage, although they may have had other deficiencies. I am sure others exist.

So, I am looking for suggestions of how to approach this problem - like should I replace the speakers, perhaps setting up my LS3/5A speakers instead (maybe the room is too big at 16x24')? What speakers generally are the best for novice listeners seated someplace other than the "sweet spot"?

Ultimately, I will probably move the turntable into our home theater and hope that the speakers I end up for home theater will be pleasurable when playing vinyl, if not the best from an audiophile standpoint as my ears may not appreciate the defect. . 

I also wondering if trying to get the Aragon 4004 repaired is worthwhile, given that it is very heavy, and I have not been able to find a repair shop in San Diego willing to tackle it. Perhaps it should just go to recycling?
I suppose the question is, do you want to use your old equipment?

I'm not really acquainted with your pieces. I suggest clean them up, and do the proper maintenance.  Set them up in a test area, and give the pieces a listen.. Go from there. Slowly bring up the volume and see what you think you need.

I pulled mine out 5 years ago after 16 years in moth balls.. Everything was great. C22, 2 MC240 (successive SN), Thoren TD124, 4 Adcom 565s, Sony ES777, there was a LOT more..

I got it all going.. IT WAS STOLEN... two months later.  Just before I retired.. The insurance paid me 53,000. I still had receipts, of the original purchases. Under 15,000.  I didn't know it, but I had replacement insurance. ALL the equipment went up 2-10 times...
Knew who did it...Couldn't prove it.. 

I built a lot of speakers through the years.. But there were a few that other made I liked.. I like planars and what they offer in reproduction..
I like small planars, no larger than 10" or so, BG, MonSoon, Infinity, Aurum Cantus, and the new GSRs..
I like DSP for the bass along with a SERVO bass sub system..
Even when my main system was in mothballs I still stopped by a local place. VMPS, great place...Closed down in 2012.

I went for speakers first because I knew I'd go back to Mac.. 

So, are you a DIY? that is a question too..

My only change in the line up was, Class d amps.. what an amzing bang for the buck... And Cary Audios V12Rs (I built them) wonderful.. and
Six Pac, a work in progress..They are not close to the V12s in SQ..
Everything else I replaced with Mac C2500, MC275s, MX110z, MX120,121. Happy as could be... KIDS. My daughter like it.. Big time..


george meyer av is up the road from you in LA... they are likely to be able to fix that aragon for you, or at least tell you what it would take

good luck on the rest of it... good old stuff still makes beautiful music... lovely sound doesn't go out of style