Best Setup Disc?

Which disc is most useful for HT setup?

Avia, Video Essentials, Sound & Vision..?

I own both the Avia and Video Essentials discs. The Video Essentials is a bit easier to use, but the Avia provides a more comprehensive set of "tests" that ultimately yield the most accurate adjustments. A revised version of "Video Essentials", called "Digital Video Essentials", has been promised for more than a year. I have no direct experience with the Sound & Vision disc that you refer to - maybe someone else can comment.

Bear in mind that none of these discs are a real substitute for having a qualified technician from ISF (Imaging Sciences Foundation, the company founded by Joe Kane) adjust your monitor. If the temperature of your monitor does not comply with NTSC standards, only a technician with the right instruments can fix the problem.
Since Scott said it all, i'll leave it at that : ) Sean
Thanks for your reply, Scott. Can you comment on the audio setup portions of those discs?