Best setup? - - ACI Titan II LE

Titan II LE users,

I just received a new Titan II LE yesterday and am breaking it in. Then, will compare it to my current sub, REL Strata III.

What is the best way to hook up the Titan? I'm assuming it's best using the speaker-level converters (REL style). Any thoughts? What about the length of the converters? Since they are so short, I'm connecting them to a pair of old Kimber speaker cables and then hook it up to my power amp. Is anyone using a pair of custom made converters with long speaker cables--similar to that of the REL neutrik? Do they even make any appreciable difference?

Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated.

Ken, I would think it depends on your mains. I don't think there is a great deal of difference between the line-level and the speaker level adapters. I have found the passive filters for the main speakers to make a great deal of difference, they really free up the mains to do their thing with less stress. They have a bit of loss, maybe 2 or 3 db, so first impression is that they take something away. Once level is correctly set they are very transparent.
Having made a direct comparison to Storm III I think you will be pretty happy with the outcome:)
I first ran my ACI Titan II LE with the speaker level adapters, but, most of the time, I detected an annoying hum (induced from the unavoidable jumble of cables in the area).

I then ran shielded interconnects directly from my preamp. to the Titan II LE, and the hum was gone. There was a seamless integration with my Vandersteen 1Cs; the Titan II LE did a virtual disappearing act while it filled in the lowest octave and then some (similar to what a Rel Storm II had done, but more easily achieved and with significantly more slam when required).

A month later, I inserted ACI's 65 Hz. passive highpass filters between my preamp and main amplifier. After raising the crossover point a little on the Titan II LE, I've had that same integration and opened up the sound of the Vandersteen 1Cs a bit.
I'm still breaking mine in and the jury's out on the hookup. I've been playing with both the line-level and with using the speaker level inputs. Haven't yet tried hi-passing my mains. No question, this sub can play!

I'll try both line-level and speaker-level connections. For now, speaker-level connection isn't causing any hum. I'm looking forward to more breaking-in and comparing it to my REL Strata III.

How's the Titan II LE coming along? I'm still breaking-in mine and will next try the line-level connection.
Kyyuan- It just keeps getting better! I think I'm settling on the line-level hookups. Will try hi-pass filters as soon as I get the chance to order them. I'm hearing all kinds of bass detail I've missed before. This one ain't going back!