Best settings using a Jolida JD 9 II phono with Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge

Just acquired a Jolida JD 9 II phono stage and with my Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge want to know where the best settings would be: 
The options on the Jolida are: dip switches 1-4 (100, 300, 1K, 47K ohms), dip switched 5-8 (47pf, 100 pf, 150 pf, 220pf) and MC- high or MC-low?

Hi audibleguy, set the preamp to 100 ohms, pf all off or 47pf. MC high.

Great choice. This Ortofon is perhaps the best buy in a moving coil cartridge on the market.

I'm using an Ortofon Winfield... settled on 1K.   Just use what sounds best to you.
Thank you all for your input.