Best set up / power

I am looking for opinion on power cables and conditioner.
My system is the following :
Techdas AirForce, graham tonearm, koetsu cartridge
Constellation Audio : Orion Phonostage, Altair II preamp, Hercules II amps
DAC : trinity audio
all cables Transparent audio Opus Gen V custom fit
Speakers : Kharma Exq.Classic

For now using transparent cables for AC power but looking to add :
Equitech 5RQ-E
Shunyata Triton V2
not sure about the power cables ...
Any insight will be appreciated as it is quite difficult to test different solutions before buying
I do not like cables that have boxes on them no matter what the price. I have never heard a power conditioner I could live with. These things rob the life out of the music IMO.
thank you for your answer and I see you point, even if I believe that all music produced by playback system is an experience that can only differ from "real performance" ... then it is all a matter of taste ie which style of reproduction you enjoy.... the room being sometimes the biggest limitation anyway

For power cables I was contemplating the Stage III Kraken and Leviathan
Extremely nice system - Have you heard of Ansuz? I just got the Mainzd8 (power distribution)along with 2 Ceramic power cords. The Mainzd8 really made everything sound a lot more natural. The power cords added even more of a natural sound. Since Ansuz is a fairly new company dealers may be hard to find. The mainzd8 was the most amazing demo I ever heard regarding power distribution/conditioning. I would consider my system close to yours. I have the Aavik U300 as an integrated. A Naim Unitiserve music server and Raidho D2's for speakers. In fact I'm so impressed with Ansuz I have an order in for Ceramic speaker cables too.

Good luck whatever you should decide on