Best set up for EAR 834P and VAC sig MKI preamp

Using Vpi extended Aries with JMW 12.5 tonearm and Grado Sonata 0.5m V cartridge. Will I have enough gain using this equipment for 0.5m V cartridge. If so, what is the best set up...running interconnects from EAR 834P to VAC sig MKI preamp and then to amp (VAC 70/70 MKIII) or bypassing VAC sig MKI preamp all together. How do you wire to bypass EAR 834P volume control if your run through VAC sig MKI preamp. Thanks for any insights.
Others would know but a fellow named Mitch Singerman (did I get spelling right) is the guy that most folks send there 834 phono's to for wiring,cap,tube updates (though many fokks can give a reccomendation on tubhe rolls.Seems lkike everyone and his brother call Uoscale audio).If you find out you can get enough gain with that cartridge you have two choices.Make it an wax only system and only opcassionally run the CD after you have puled wires.But using the VAC for that is pretty silly.For $1K list and $600 used you can get a Placete volume control which because of HQ epensive Vishy reisitors.I am not shure even with signal purity which most passives have if you'll get bass and dynamics you do with an active.For $1500 you can get a three input model.I have hgeard very goofd things about Sonic Eurphoria ($1300)made and sold by Jeff's Sound Values which may be passive but uses autoformers to give it slam.But all of this I mention because if you keep the VAC,get a passive set up I would look foward to latter getting EAR the volume taken out while I did the upgrades.It isn't needed unless you are going straight into amp.Doing that is one option the other is keep VAC,or look for another control device which is cleaner and if VAC or other box upgrade EAR abnd bypass control.But in mean time the EAR is a popular piece and calling a place like Needle Doctor,Upscale Audio etc will tell you if any of this is necessary given the low output if the EAR will match the cart.I am in the middle of figuring all this out myself so if I run on it's because of this.
i'm suprised you use the ear with the vac. the vac is a vastly superior bit of kit. if your sig has the phono stage, i'd suggest it would wipe the floor with the ear.
Nop I think of it Blakeaudio maybe right and you'd be disapointed spending cash re-wiring the EAR.Use for anothe rystem or sell is probanly best bet.