Best SET Monos with ARC SP 6-C preamp

Hi folks-I would love suggestions regarding SET amps to mate with my ARC SP 6-c, and my single driver 93db Omega Super 3s. I've been looking at Bottlehead paramours, Wright 2a3s, etc.

Thanks so much.

Hi Douglas. Congrats on the Super 3. I bought a pair a year ago. Can't believe how good they are. I think you've got a good start with what you're already looking at. You didn't mention budget but I would add to your list the Fi mono's, either the 2a3 or 300b, and Welborne. I own both and think they "shake hands" with the Omegas quite well. See what sounds good to you. Good luck
I recently bought my first SET, an pair of ASL Explorer 805 DTs. WOW...never have I heard a piece of electronics make my system sound more like music. 50 Watts, uses all-inexpensive tubes--one each 12AX7, 6L6, and 805, $2995/pair RR.

Try 'em; you'll love 'em. Art Dudley certainly did.
Thanks for your comments. I'm really looking for the best SET amps I can get in the under $1500 range. I've seen paramours with various upgrades for sale on audiogon. Do you feel that the stripped down look of the paramours means that they emphasize sound over aesthetics, and might therefore be even better than other, more stylized amps in their price range and even a bit higher?

Thanks again,

Douglas, I can't comment on the Paramours. Welborne is having a 10% off sale, you should be able to get one of his for less than 1500. Fi also makes an X amp in a 2a3 for around 900 and a 300b for a little more. These amps are great values. If distributers, wholesalers and retailers got into the picture you could easily double or triple the price. Above all, they are well designed by hightly regarded people. Good luck.