Best SET Integrated with Balance Control

I am looking for an SET integrated amp with balance control. My speakers are Coincident Super Eclipses which are pretty effcient, so I can work with lower power amps. The reason I need balance control is that my room is very small, and my speakers are placed near the room boundries, which requires me to use 'balance' to get the soundstage in the middle. I am running an Audio Note CD as my only source, so phono is not required on the integrated.

I have tried the Cary CAD SEI 300 but it did not match well with my system. My Electrocompaniet AW 60 + EC 4.5 in balanced sounded a heck of a lot better - not as warm as the Cary, but the imaging and soundstage blew it away.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
Israel from Coincident is selling some tubes integrated through the mail, at his site. I am sure they would be a good match. I do not know if they have balance, go to his site. Talk to Israel, if they do not have balance standard, he might be able to acomodate you anyway.
Thanks for the tip!