Best SET amp for Coincident Total Eclipse speaker

I've been reading reviews of the Wyetech Topaz stereo amp,Atmasphere MA 2, even the Antique Sound Labs line, and of course, I'm now totally confused. All the reviews claim these amps are the best ever! Listening to these side by side would not be possible in my area.

For those who may not know, these speakers are 16 ohm.
I like all music (except hip-hop)so I need amps that can do it all. Also assume I have Class A front end sources (shopping, not yet acquired)
Contact Israel Blume-coincident's owner. He is now making his own amps since he had such a hard time finding what he liked. His taste is impeccable. I do know that he loves old dynaco mkIV restored.
You don't need a high power amp with the total eclipse. It's efficency and impedence are optimal for low power tube amps, push-pull, SET or OTL. You don't give a price range or the room room size you plan to use it in, but if price is no object I would suggest the Lamm ML2, 18 watts/SET for $30,000. Simply gorgeous sound with the best imaging available, abeit at a ridiculous price.

If your constrained by some form of fiscal sanity, like the rest, of us I would strongly reccomend the Atma-Sphere OTL amps. You don't need the MA-2 at 220/watts/ch. The S30(30/watts/ch/$2850) is enough power for the total eclipse(TE) unless have a very large room or want more dynamic headroom for classical or big band jazz type music. If so, then the M60(60watts/ch/$4700) would be the ticket. I own the S30 and have had a brief session with the Super Eclipse. It's a wonderful synergistic combination, with all the usual audiophile acrolades. Happy hunting
Thanks Franks:)
I am getting very close to taking ownership of some Totals and will power them with a BAT VK60. I think it will be a very nice combo. I think the above reccomendations are very good as well, I would love to hear the Totals with the Atma S30's. Let us all know what you end up with.
The Wyetech Topaz with the 572 output tubes is supposed to be a great combination with the Eclipse. David Berning Siegfried with either 811 or 300B is great with just about anything that has reasonable efficiency.
I use the Coincident integrated and love it. I like it better than the Wyetech Opal and Onyx mono combo. With Sophia 300Bs, it is even better. The S30 would work too.
They are very efficient speakers, so unless you have a cavernous room, 12 to 18 watts can do the job.
Dunrobinbill uses the Topaz and loves it driven straight by his DAC. But he needs the power since his room is huge, 4 times the size of mine.