Best Server To Run Roon Core

Hi Folks,

I don’t currently run ROON, but would like to begin correctly in order to give it a chance - and I understand that server (hardware) on which Roon core is installed is important for SQ (due to noise reduction and other factors).

What are the best hardware for SQ and usability where ROON core should be installed and why (be it audiophile dedicated servers or modified PCs)? Please comment on the rest of your setup for context if you could.

Thank you in advance.

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You have a beautiful system. Thanks for your feedback. 

Roon Nucleus is a very capable server and renderer. But don’t expect it to sound nearly as good as your existing streamer :-) You need atleast two components (three if you add LPS to Nucleus) if you follow Roon recommended path plus ipad or a tablet for Roon app,

1. Nucleus or laptop or NAS
2. Audio Device (roon endpoint or renderer) SimAudio MiND or EMM Labs NS1

Or you can buy a Innuos Zenith MKIII or Statement that has the both server / rendering functionality. One box, two in case of Statement.

Then there is everything in-between for you to explore.

Also check out Wolf Audio. Another well respected member @david_ten is well versed with Roon. He was a beacon of light for me to navigate through the often confusing Roon lingo. You asked for very best Roon experience and about Taiko Extreme or Pink Faun 2.16 Ultra.

Enjoy the ride!

If you would like to further improve the SQ of Cary, try ENO Ethernet Filter Ag between your Cary and the router. It’s based on a same principle as EtherREGEN but works passively. You can read about it on this thread.