Best Server To Run Roon Core

Hi Folks,

I don’t currently run ROON, but would like to begin correctly in order to give it a chance - and I understand that server (hardware) on which Roon core is installed is important for SQ (due to noise reduction and other factors).

What are the best hardware for SQ and usability where ROON core should be installed and why (be it audiophile dedicated servers or modified PCs)? Please comment on the rest of your setup for context if you could.

Thank you in advance.

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These are all excellent replies thank you for the recommendations. Yes, I was looking for something in between RPI and Taiko :)

@verdantaudio - regarding your question:

"Do you have a renderer or roon endpoint? Which one? "

- I am not aware of the distinction incase there is one. Could you please clarify what is the distinction ?

@mikelavigne  - Thanks.  Agreed with your point - except in case of good Scotch - where there simply is no diminishing returns. At least not after you are done with it :)

@lalitk - thanks for your pointers.  

Basically, If possible, I am trying to see a viable way by which to TEST out roon, get an accurate representation of sound quality and functionality, and not have to drop a fortune in the evaluation process.
Everyone, thanks.  This is is all really good info.  For now, I would just try to run to one end point and expand in the future if I was to adopt roon.

I read today that in some cases Roon Core can be installed on Synology Nas as well. I assume this is NAS model specific and there are processing requirements that need to be met.
@newtoncr - thank you for sharing your experience and findings. Very helpful. I actually wonder how the Lumin X1 would compare with Wolf and Statement.

@thyname - I understand what you are saying. Splitting server and renderer is recommended mainly to isolate both sides from cross process noises and I well built single chassis machine should be able to handle isolation better internally.

This is an option of course.
More excellent Ideas. Thank you.

BACCH-SP appears to have preamp and dac capability as well. It is intriguing but I would be interested in how well it does all the things that it is designed to do.

Wolf Audio will definitely be a consideration.

Some of the recommendation above already have inbuilt server / rendered capability. For this, a Nucleolus was originally my frame of reference.

Consensus from above however, seems to be to keep the server and renderer separate, so thinking for server -to set up a NUC, powered by an external LPS (I might actually have a matching Paul Hynes for this) - total cost for the server with LPS is about $1500. - A separate NUC / PH LPS for rendering would run another $1500 -> for a total of $3500 with cables.

So assuming music storage cost aside, and this setup will be done correctly, thinking if there is a better way to go (SQ wise) for SAME Money with Roon? Or can one get the SAME SQ, but less expensively with Roon?

Hi ggoggin
Thank you for sharing your experience. Interesting!

As you probably know, LPSs can range anywhere from 60 bucks to a few thousand. For the NUC, I would use a Paul Hynes which runs about $750+cables . They are almost impossible to find used.

Right now I use an Esoteric K01 Dac. Not Roon ready. My current streamer is Aurender N10. It is not compatible with Roon, but I’ll use to compare SQ

Guys No worries. I took @mapman comment as trying to be useful and appreciate for offering it, and @yoby’s comment as trying to provide stress release from the kind of mistakes we all make...and Lord knows, I have made many mistakes in the past (and will likely make in the future). Good thing is that none of the products discussed here are really a high risk for me, just fun components to try and share info about. Also, I had/have roon installed on PC, its not going to work for me. Its very noisy, so I would like to move on to something.

So back to the original topic-

To clarify, what I mean by the best, is the ’best for the various price points’. Another words, I just wanted to hear people’s experiences and feedback about what they have tried and liked the most. This helps me, and so I opened up the discussion to the forum because it will likely help others.

So if someone shares that they have tried RPI and NUC for example, and if Rpi was as good as NUC, why not use RPI? If Wolf is experienced to be better then U1 or Statement, I will focus on Wolf, perhaps now, perhaps later. If RPI is as good as Wolf (even if they are at different price points), I try RPI (even though its very very small in size :) ).

@ tk21 - thank you for your clarification. Interesting product to consider.
@ arafiq sounds like you have been where I am now with roon :)

Thanks to all who shared their experience.
@jaytor thank you for sharing this. This is great.

I just have some questions:

Is the main purpose of the Gaia DDC to re-clock or anything else?
Also, I am not familiar with the economics of the Gaia DDC vs the Bryston Streamer. Was your main motivation to sell your Bryston because it was more expensive than the DDC or some other reason? I ask this because in essence (if I understood you correctly), it sounds like by adding the DD converter, it enabled you to remove the external streamer.

Thank you
Thanks all for sharing. These experiences are great and definitely helpful.

ENO sounds very promising!

I have the EtherRegen and like what it does in the system. I tried to take it out again and again because its pricy but always unsuccessful because sound is degraded ever so slightly after taking it out, and its enough to drive one crazy. So I put it back in :)
As mentioned, it is actively powered, I use an external power supply for it, which I find to add SQ benefit as well. I like the fact that it also accepts optical fiber as I have a long run to my listening room and I also use the benefit that it is a multi purpose switch to run ethernet to the other equipment in that room from the ’A’ side of the Etherregen. 
Your question : " So my question is will the ENO Ethernet Filter Ag or the EtherRegen be placed from the Router to the Roon Nucleus or from the the Roon Nucleus to the Cary? "

I use the EtherRegen immediately in front of the streamer(s).

Thank you for sharing. This is precisely the kind of information I was hoping for when starting this thread.

Regarding:  "I purchased a used Antipodes Core to put Roon Core on. It is definitely better than running Roon Core and Endpoint on the Innuos."

It is both interesting, and a bit concerning that an excellent piece of equipment like the Statement would not be able to handle both functions as well as only being an endpoint. Could you elaborate on what kind of sonic benefits you might have heard when placing the core separately from the Statement box?

- Everyone, thank your for sharing you experiences.