Best Server Software

I have Bluesound in my house—the Vault2, Node 2 and one of the boombox units for the kitchen.
The Vault2 is outputted into my DAC, the Mytek Manhatten.  The Node2 is part of a Surround Sound System andis connected to the analog inputs of an AVR.  The Sound is fine but I’m not a fan of the Blue OS app, which does a poor job with meta data and with helping the user find albums.  I’ve thought of adding Roon but I’ve been a bit put off by reviewers that claim it leads to sonic degradation (re, Keith Howard of Hi Fi Choice).  I notice in reviews that the apps for Auralic and Aurender consistently get praised.
   I’m sure that all of these units sound fine with some differences from each other, but sice I use an external DAC in the main system I think that differences between them would be slight—at the end of the day they are all just digital transports.  So for me it’s the software package that would determine which unit is the best.
  I probably should just try the free Roon Trial, but curious what others might think.  I do like the multi room functionality of the Bluesound but I could see adding another server to my main system with internal storage.  It would give me another backup if the Vault2 ever fails and if I really like the app it would enhance my collection 
Bluesound is probably the best bang for the buck. They have excellent customer service, too.
I think the only other product that might be considered is The Memory Palace, but even the Mini is over $2K, so you pays your money, you gets your whacks.
I took a quick Google, and it seems there is a bug with the BS Controller.
Unfortunately, the site seems to be down, so I couldn't find out more. In any case, why not contact Bluesound? Maybe there is a fix.
Th thanks for the interest.  While the BS OS has been buggy, my beef goes beyond that, into the basic way that it organizes (or not) discs.  
Yes, I see there have been issues w/Bsound. 
I didn't realize BSound would work with Roon. I'd give it a go.