Best Sarah Brightman CD

Hello all
I love female vocals and Sarah was recommended to me. What is her top 3 cd's? (musically). Also what is 3 of her best recordings?(recording quality)
Thanks for your help my friends

Forgive me please but I just can't resist, the best Brightman CD is no CD. Her voice and affectations are just terrible compared to all those others out there. She's a marketing creation like the Monkees.
I have 5 maybe 6 of her cd's my favorite is Dive, for some reason that's the only one I find myself listening to with any degree of regularity- and even then its not that often. Its kind of silly- at times- but if I'm in the mood its enjoyable. All of her stuff has good sound quality not the best, but for pop music its pretty good. Now that I think about it The Andrew Loyd Webber Collection is pretty good as well. Eden, and Luna weren't that great(though Eden was the better of the two), I haven't got her new one nor do I plan on it. Sound quality remained ok-good on Eden and Luna, fwiw.
I have La Luna, and I like a few of the songs on that one. The interesting thing about that CD is that it has a song on it that is not listed on the liner notes. It is a short version of Moon River at the very end of the CD. You can't select it with the remote, you have to listen to the last song, and wait for about 15 seconds for it to start on its own. Maybe some people haven't ever heard this song on that CD.
Sorry, but I have to agree with sstark on this (sorry Tom et al.!)