Best Sappy Pop Music for Audiophiles

Is it just me or does anyone else find it fun to listen to Kenny Loggins -- complete with 70's sound effects in the mix. Any other nominations for reasonably well recorded soulful pop music?
Hall & Oates, best blue-eyed soul ever...Jeff
Chaka Khan, but ready yourself for a good dose of studio reverb on Chaka's voice and every instrument in the band as well.
Billy Joel The stranger LP
James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Donald Fagen's The Nightfly
nilson sings newman (30th anniv. re-release);great recording.
the last Sheryl Crow was good
always liked Steely Dan, Madonna, Genisis, Phil Collins, and Gary Wright
While lots of the above apply, please add Journey to the list. Neil Schon is a gifted guitar player and Steve Perry sings ballads like few others are able. Having recently pulled a few of their discs from the archives I was also pleasantly surprised at the recording quality.