Best Samuel Barber Violin Concerto

I heard this played today and loved it. What are some of the best regarded recordings of this piece available. Thanks
Here's one vote for Isaac Stern with the New York Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstein. First performance recorded in stereo. Absolutely glorious.
Maybe a little forward in presentation but the playing is on a grand scale.
Stern/Bernstein is the one. I once heard Hilary Hahn's take and almost vomited...
Also interesting is the Claire Bernard/Edouard van Remoortel (L'Orchestre National de l'Opera de Monte Carlo) which was put out on the Philips "World Series" with Milhaud's violin concerto on side 2.
Stern's is probably generally viewed as the best interpretation, though the sonics are not the best. I also like Bobby McDuffie's version on Telarc, but he's a friend and client of mine, so I'm prejudiced. I'm not quite as turned off by Hahn's playing as Dpatrick, but I have heard her play it live and felt she was fine as a technical matter but seemed to lack the emotion that this piece requires--perhaps that will come over time.
In addition to the Stern/Bernstein, I'd recommend Olivera/Slatkin. Olivera has a lovely tone. I wish he'd recorded more. Also Hahn did not make me vomit. I think it's one of her better records.
Thank you thus far. Gil Shaham also has a version of this concerto, any opinions?
I rather like the Ricci/Pacific Symphony version on Reference Recordings.
The Stern/Bernstein needs to be in every collection. But when I want to listen to this piece, I pull out the Gil Shaham. The performance is excellent and the sound betters the Stern/Bernstein. The Korngold concerto on this disc is a wonderful - also well performed.
I just listened to the McDuffie, Ricci, and Shaham versions back to back. Reminds me of the story of the "Three Bears".

Ricci's version is cool and the violin recorded at a distance, more atmospheric than focused. But I like the disc mate, the Menotti VC quite a bit. I filed this CD under Menotti.

Shaham's version is too hot, i.e. recorded (too) closely and the VC tone takes on a bit of edge. It is filed under Korngold, but it's got a lot of competition there as well.

McDuffie's recording is just right! The violin is miked but not too closely, sound field is large yet focussed, a very enjoyable sonic experience. Warm and rich. It matches the mood of this VC. And you get the Barber PC as well (which is why I bought it in the first place). I highly recommend it. Oh, BTW, I think McDuffie's performance is excellent as well. :-)

Another Barber VC to consider (for me an alternative to McDuffie's) is the Slatkin/Takezawa recording on RCA. Not as big boned perhaps as McDuffies but a plesant alternative none the less. An excellent performance and the disc mates are all Barber, the outstanding performance of the Cello concerto by Isseris, and the Cappricorn Concerto.
I heard a really good one by Dave Koz.

a recent addition.. James Ehnes came out with a recording of Barber, Walton and Korngold.. for what it matters.. it won a Grammy last year I believe. I have seen him perform several times.. mesmerizing ..