Best Sam and Dave and other Stax LP's

What are the best Sam and Dave and other Stax/Volt Lp's?
I am not sure about Vinyl but Beat Goes Public and Brown Sugar have released a lot of great stuff from the archives in recent years. I have many CD's but there were many recently released on vinyl too.
way too many to pick a couple. assuming you have the stax story cd box as a portal, i'll mention any lp by clarence carter, otis redding, the staple singers, or johnny taylor is off the charts. original pressings in mint condition (covers too) are pretty pricey.
There's a giant Stax Box set that you might want to think about. IIRC, it comes in several (10?) multi cd volumes and, when complete, the whole thing ultimately includes everything everything ever released by the label. They probably cost about $100 per volume, so you might want to skip one or two of the less essential volumes.

O.V. Wright is another great singer from that town.

I like "Otis Blue," "Stay in School," "Green Onions," "Kings and Queens", "Walking the Dog,"Black Moses" and "Hot Buttered Soul" as seminal albums.