Best SACD's

What are the best sacd's you have? Or wich one you consider to be the best?
The Elton John SACDs sound terrific!

Roxy Music Avolon
Beck- "Sea Change"
anthony wilson --jack of all hearts---Pink floyd - dark side of the moon---patricia barber- companion
James Taylor, Hour Glass
Bob Dylan, so very many
What artists do you like?
Best recording: Prières sans Paroles, French music for Trumpet and Organ, played by Håkan Hardenberger, Simon Preston (on the BIS label)
Favorite Recording: tough, but a few might be the Benjamin Britten Cello Suites played by Peter Wispelwey (Channel Classics), the Mercury reissues (several, but the Janos Starker Bach cello suites is excellent); and personally I like Appalachian Journey
Like the above posters some that I truly enjoy are:

Beck - Sea Change
Elton John - Madman across the Water
Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
Alison Kraus & Union Station - Live.
Los Lobos - This Time
Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

I am a casual classical listener and the SACD of living stereo's Heifetz double concertos is pretty amazing.

A friend has the (red rose) Levison Demo disc and some Chesky Sacd's that are fun to listen to.

Tpreaves asks a good question. Find what you like and try it (IF it is available on SACD), otherwise, what's the point?

Have Fun!
Film score to 'The Mission'. The SACD version blows away the regular cd.
Just because a disc is SACD doesn't mean it's that great. I have many, many SACD's and some are very good and some aren't. I have exchanged emails with a half dozen or so audiophiles who prefer the popular Allison Krause Live CD over the uber expensive collectible SACD - so go figure. I have found over the years that many of my non-SACD discs by First Impression Music, Sony Red's, Telarc, Mapleshade, EMI Classics, etc. are every bit as good or better than many of my SACD's. There are well known SACD review websites I need not mention here, you know them or will find them. I don't know your music tastes, but give these non-SACD's a test drive and hear what think:

Grieg, Peer Gynt, Sir Thomas Beecham, EMI Classics

Jacques Loussier Trio, The Brandenburgs, Telarc Jazz

Mozart Symphonies 38 & 41, Rene Jacobs, Harmonia Mundi

Brian Bromberg, Wood, Artisan Music

Sonny Rollins, A Night at the Village Vanguard, Blue Note

Melodia Para Congas, Jungle and the Saxophone, Mapleshade

Master of Chinese Percussion, Yim Hok-Man, FIM

It's about the music (the source) above all else!
All of the Elton John SACD's

Tierney Sutton - Dancing in the Dark

Diana Krall - Girl in the Other Room
Any of the Moody Blues.
Mighty Sam McClain ''Give it up to Love'' on XRCD, NOT SACD. Incredible sonics on this classic recording.
I have a contrary opinion of at least one Elton John. I find Madman far from a quality SACD. Compared to the 100 or so quality pop/rock/country/jazz SACD's I have Madman sounds mushy, dark and without much depth. It just doesn't jump out at me as a anything special. YMMV
Stealy Dan--Gaucho--rocks
Gaucho on DVD-A ++++

Many Blu's are to die for:

Checkout Beck at Ronnie Scotts on Blu-ray. Nice indeed.

SACD ain't the only hi-rez choice.
Eleanor Mcevoy- Early Hours
Dire Straits- Brothers in Arms
All of Patricia Barber's sacd's are great sounding- the low end is probably the best of any recordings I have.

I would also recommend Muddy Waters "Folk Singer" for the I'm in the room with the artist sensation
I just picked up Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms 20th Anniversary Edition and it blew me away!
Another vote for Avalon. I'm a Roxy Music fan and think it's their least interesting album but sonically it is outstanding.
03-06-10: Onemalt
I just picked up Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms 20th Anniversary Edition and it blew me away!.

Chuck Ainlay was behind this landmark production, which was done at Mark Knopfler's Studio
The Carpenters "The Singles, 1969-1981"
The Rolling Stones "Hot Rocks"
kraftwerk's minimum maximum is killer fun,talk talk spirit of eden is great also amiee mann bachelor no. 2
It would be great if we could put together a list of SACDs that are well recorded. I recently purchased two SACDs -Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon, and Santana, Supernatural - and they were extremely poor recordings.

I am trying to build a collection of more mainstream music SACDs but it seems I have to go through quite a few bad ones to get to the keepers.
Santana - "Supernatural"? Unless I am totally mistaken, that's not available on SACD. Possibly DVD-A.

It's a poor CD, though.

Metralla you are correct it is a DVD Audio. Poor recording.
I listened to Pink Floyd again last night and it really seems like the highs were just chopped off in comparision with the John Mayer and John Legend SACDs. Maybe its because the Pink Floyd was taken from such an old recording.

Love Living Stereo SACDs. If just a single CD then it is definitely Brahms 1st Symphonie under Bohm (Esoteric SACD). Dead Can Dance SACDs as a Box set, but I still prefer recent LP pressings by MoFi
Just a general vote for Blue Coast Records. Small ensemble jazz and folk.

No particular favorite yet but the latest from Jenna Mammina is outstanding.

Fabulous attention to detail, and a lot of it is straight to DSD, as opposed to coming from analog masters.

Of course, since they are local to San Francisco, I’m a huge fanboy. :)


Excellent list guys-

The Police (catalog)
Bob Dylan
The Rolling Stones

Jamie Cullum- Twentysomething (2004) Verve. my reference disc!
Journey- greatest hits
Stockfisch and FIM discs.