Best SACD player $1,000-$1,500 Range

Im looking for the best audio only cd and sacd player new or used from $1000-$1500. It will be used with an Arcam avr300 and Martin Logan Summits. There are a few marantz in that range but someone told me sony makes the best sacd players. Is there any truth to this? Any input will help.
Consider a used Modwright Sony 999ES with tubed power supply.
Wow, the Denon 5910 that just sold here for $500 had to be the BEST deal ever! Even at their usual price of $1000+ they are competitive...

Pioneer PD-D9
Yamaha CD-S1000
You can't go wrong with a Sony 777ES and you'll have money to spare.
second the used Modwright 999ES
3rd on the ModWright 999es. It is excellent!
Check out David Schulte at the Upgrade Co. I have a Signature Edition Denon 2910 (universal player) in that price range. It sounds great.
you can also check Marantz SA-15S2
Lexicon Rt-20.
I haven't heard it, but the NAD M5 gets good reviews, and can be found either used or refurbed in your price range.
Pioneer PD-D9
"KILLER for $$$$"
i am also seeking an sacd player, in the same range as has been mentioned.

i note a number of suggestions. assuming each sounds different, the only way to decide, is to listen to each one. i would not purchase any of the players which have been recommended so far, as i have no way of predicting my preference for or against the player, without an in home audition.

i have already tried a marantz 11s2 and sold it, so i am leading towards an sacd player with a tube output.

the purpose of my comment is to relate, on a personal level, the unreliability of asking for advice. i have not done so, nor will i go that route.

i will endeavor to do my own research. at best, i can call modwright and ask about the voicing of the player. i doubt i have that option with respect to sony, yamaha and pioneer.

be careful when following advice.
lexicon rt-20, brand new. good with my Spectral
Yes, I am selling one.........but the NAD M5 is really
a fantastic value for the price. It has XLR outputs and also plays HDCD and others. Hard to find at this price.
I think it is a steal. I have had quite a number of cd players and it is a class leader in the used price category.
The Tube Research Lab (TRL) modified Sony 2000ES sounds great. It's $400 new, with the mod going for $750. I haven't compared it directly with the units mentioned in this thread, but I have heard it against other machines - including tube players and a highly modified Oppo 980H. To my ears, and in my system, the TRL Sony is very natural, analog sounding ... the closest thing to my turntable. Good luck, and happy listening.
Audio Advisor is selling the Parasound Halo D3 for $999.99 on clearance. Balanced outputs and all. Fantastic deal, even if just for SACD.
i visited audioadvisor's website. the d3 is no longer available. in its place is the d200, a $1500 universal player, discontinued during 2008, selling for $599., I literally must have grabbed the last was shipped on Dec. 24. Hopefully, the sound on SACD is all that I've hoped for. The few blurbs I've read online about the player stated that it is excellent for audio/music, but only so so for video. Probably not much difference between it and the D200 except for aesthetics and the balanced analog outs.
I had the Parasound D200 for about a month or so. Nothing to write home about. My old Sony DVP-S9000ES had much better SACD performance all around, CD performance was about the same as D200.