Best SACD hybrid Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3- Organ

Ran through all of the usual suspects.  According to reviewers, some of the better performances were 60 years ago, so new technology cannot save enough dynamics.  Some recordings have the orchestra in the back lot.  It goes round and round.  The Dewaart San Francisco SO is DVD audio.

I would like some rumbly organ, very good recording, great playing and interpretation.  Thanks for helping me with my first world problem.  Speakers are ATC SCM 40 active, they will handle the organ.  Ciao

There is an Ondine SACD of the Saint-Saens, a live performance by the Philadelphia Orchestra, Eschenbach conducting and Olivier Latry on the organ, which is quite good.  Latry likes the 32 foot stops and is a fine organist.  The real treat on the recording, though, to me is the Barber Toccata Festiva, which can knock your socks off, as well as the Poulenc Organ Concerto.  This disc was from the inaugural concerts of the new organ in Verizon Hall.

By the way, I still like that Dewaart/SFO/Guillou recording, both sonically and interpretively.

I have like 20+ different CDs on this noble piece. Not to be overly verbose:

Yannick Nezet Seguin’s Orchestre Métropolitain recording is my fav (SACD):

Sergiu Comissiona and Houston Symphony is outstanding IMHO too (DVD audio, unfortunately):

Eschenbach / Philadelphia (inferior sound; the conductor ruined this piece; I am an season subscriber in Philly, the organ doesn't sound like what's on the recording)

I didn't think the Saint-Saens was that great on the Philly recording, but I do like the other pieces.  On my prior system the sound was actually excellent, again for the other two pieces, but it hasn't transitioned that well to my smaller system.  I'll have to pick up the Seguin recording.
Thank you all for the information.  I’m quite a novice in this genre.  Bsimpson;  I was a Philistine and found the Eschenbach, however I will pursue your suggestions.