Best SACD for under $1200

Anyone have any recommendations, or should I keep saving for something better?

Genesis V speakers
Threshold T200 amp
Pass Labs X-1 pre
B&K AVR305 Surround processor/surround amps
Source too crappy to mention
Used Marantz SA-14

You should be able to get one for close to this amount. ... maybe $14-15 hundred. (then when you can swing for another $200, add the Neuance platform under it.)

Find a used Sony SCD-C555ES 5 disc SACD changer and have it modified by

Here's a link to a really good review of this player after the mods.

You can find the player for about 5 to 6 hundred dollars used and the mods cost $600.(Mods include and IEC receptacle so you can add a better power cord).

Before you rule out this idea, go to the link and read the review. I think you might want to consider this option. I just bought my 555 and I'll be getting the mods done in January.

Good luck
Spend a little more and you can get really top-notch sound.

Options --

1) Denon 2900, Universal Player, modified and upgraded.
(around 1,700).

2) Denon 5900, Universal Player [Around 2,000 and can be
modified and upgraded further]

3) Marantz SA-14, can be found used for around 1,400.

4) Sony SCD XA777ES, CD/SACD. {can be found used for
around $1,500 and can be modified and upgraded further].

I'm a fan of the Sony SCDXA777ES CD/SACD player. I've had
it my system, bought them as gifts for friends and relatives, and
have head the player in many different systems -- sounds great.
Excellent with CD and even better with SACD.
I would like to add the Sony DVP9000ES. Excellent SACD sound(not very far at all from the xa777es)even though it plays DVD video. They sell for around $600 used. They are built like a tank.
I owned the XA777ES and it's an excellent unit, spend the extra $300.00. You won't be sorry.
Don't mean to beat the drum for my suggestion, but I don't recommend a Sony SACD/DVD. I suggest getting the Sony SCD XA777ES and combining it with something like a used Denon DVD-1600, or a new Denon DVD-1200, which are excellent DVD players and also play DVD-A. In two boxes, you've got every format covered, top quality CD and SACD playback, and a great DVD player. All for less than $2,000. I'm not a fan of Sony DVD players. The Denon DVD-5900 is interesting, it is a Universal Player for around $2,000, but some people are complaining about "macro-blocking" in the DVD play-back. I haven't heard it, so I cannot comment on its SACD play-back compared to the Sony SCD XA777ES, but the music play-back on all formats is getting
some favorable reviews from early purchasers, although I've only
read reviews from Videophiles, not audiophiles. Bottom line: I
can highly recommend the Sony because I've heard it in so many
different systems at so many different price points, I feel confident it will sound great in any system. The Denon DVD-1600 is a great DVD player, passed the "Secrets" shoot-out with flying colors, I have never heard a complaint about its DVD play-back, I bought one for my younger brother so I have spent some time with it and can personally recommend it. I believe you can get better sound
and DVD playback by splitting them into two boxes. Don't mean to be pushy -- that's just my opinion.
Why SACD? The format may change or not be in existance long term. You have a very revealing preamp with the X-1 and a good power amp. Your system will pass along whatever the source tells it to. In audio, spend some money on your source. I have been using the Sony SCD-777ES but when I upgraded to better speakers, I found the Sony very harsh sounding. I have been trying out various DACs with great success. There are many very good DACs for $1200 used such as the Electrocompaniet DAC. This will take your system to another level without compromising sound for a $1200 player. See my DAC thread for more info or email me on this direct.

Happy Listening.
I am happy with my Denon 2900, and a mod available for about $900 can replace the analog circuitry for audio quality described as second to none.

It is a universal player. One practical advantage of a universal player, which I never thought of before I bought it, is that you don't need to know what kind of a disc it is when you choose it to play. My discs are all mixed up, CD, DVD-A, SACD, any organization being along the lines of type of music, Symphonies, Chamber music, Folk, Jazz, etc. They are all in the same kind of boxes, and the printing is so small and the choice of ink color so stupid that reading the label is a challenge. With a universal, I just load the disc, and let the machine figure out what to do with it.
An even lower-cost alternative to the above is the Philips 963SA multi player (cd-sacd-dvd). For $~400 you get direct audio out, gold-plated rca's et alia audiophool approved gadgets.
You'll have to get s/one to modd the analogue section however...
I agree with Gregm the Philips 963 is a very capable unit which has been tested against more expensive players. The best in the price category. Some have gone as far as saying it beats the Denon 2900 in all departments.
Thanks for the responses, guys - I'll give as many of these a listen as I can and let you know what I come up with.

marantz sa-8260.

incredible redbook and sacd too ( i would dare say the redbook is 95% close to sacd). it is that good - the
reviews are true.

would sugggest buying new- there have been problems with toc/servo/transport issues.

also the philips 963 would be my second choice.

hope that helps !!

After reading about all of the suggestions for mods to various players, I am wondering if I should consider modding my existing players (Denon DCM-460 for CD, and a JVC XV-NA70BK DVD) or modding the planned upgrades (heavily considering a universal player). Are there any websites or companies that you folks could recommend regarding such mods?

Thanks, Tom. for the Denon 2900 mod.
Thanks! That mod'ed 2900 looks like it may be hard to beat.

I also have Genesis V's, and the Esoteric DV-50 (which replaced the Sony SCD 777 ES) has been the answer to a prayer. The fives have never sounded better on all formats. Save your money and get the DV-50.
You can probably pick up a used Sony 999ES and have Dan Wright do the Signature Tube mod for a total of $1300-$1400. I owned the first 999ES Dan modded and it was stunning.
Seems to me the rest of your system dictates you should spend more on your CD player
I second the sony mod,but with volume control, TVAD
is right the sony mod is stunning.