Best SACD/CD player

I know I'm old school, but at this late date, December 2015, what's the best spinner that will do both CD and SACD, under $10k

Short list so far is Exoteric K-05X, Marantz SA11-S3 and I don't know what else. 
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Ayre C 5 xe mp although discontinued still available used.  
Your short list should also include the Luxman D-06. 
Maxboy, I have that unit, and I am never replacing it.  I use it with a 509U integrated and Vandersteen 5A speakers.  I am finished.  Music from this setup takes me where I want to go.  Plus, the integrated has those little things real audiophiles sneer, tone controls.  Oh so necessary with many many discs.  


Looks like you have excellent synergy, the D-06  is a great player, I thought was on the slightly warm side of things.  I sold mine and purchased an Esoteric K-07 which at first did not like. It wasn't until I change the sample rate that I came to really enjoy the merits of this player.  
Look for a used Denon DVD-5910, excellent player for the money.  
The Esoteric "must" be good. I am thinking this after currently owning the Teac SACD player. The house sound is detailed and slightly less warm compared to the Marantz. I will take Esoteric Marantz SACD players any day. If you do not have plans to download DSD, then the Marantz should be a great player for less than half the cost of the Esoteric.
I, too, enjoy the Esoteric for SACD only.
The Marantz SA11-S3 is a very fine unit and has become my personal reference source. In another system I have a vintage Enlightened Audio Designs (EAD) Ultradisc 2000 which in combination with Jeff Rowland equipment is intoxicatingly beautiful. I feel that system synergy and intelligent tweaking is essential; so it's tough to nail down a particular unit as being 'the best'. Nevertheless, much of the charm of this hobby is in the quest. Best of luck!
The Modwright Sony XA-5400ES is worthy of consideration in that price range, as would be an ex-demo EAR Acute 4. Or if lack of SACD is not a deal breaker, I know a guy on forum who is keek to sell a Vitus SCD-025 circa $10kAUD (approx $6900USD).
Modwright XA-5400ES COMPLETE TRUTH MOD plus upgraded tubes would put you in the mid $4k area.  Performance does not get any better...different, maybe but not better!
Check out Luxman D-06u.  It has a phenomenal DAC. 

Vitus & Audionet are (2) of the outstanding newer spinners.
Hopefully, 2016 will deliver us a few SACD spinners!
I use three players for different purposes, an Ayre C-5xeMP for stereo, a Sony XA5400ES for surround, and an Oppo 105D for HT.  The Ayre goes through a Parasound JC 2 to JC 1 mono blocks to KEF 107/2s; the Sony and Oppo go via HDMI through a Bryston SP3, the front LR of which is passed through the JC 2 to access the JC 1s.  Of the three, only the Ayre makes CDs sound great.

Much Thanks! dbphd-

The Ayre is certainly on my list for both CD/SACD duties.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Krell Cipher at $12K but you can get one for $7999 from Highperformancestereo wt full warranty!
Oh, why did I just go check out their website?  I will be strong....
jafant, luckily I am loving my Audia Flight CD One M, but there is always something else that catches my eye.

BTW, did you get the link to the Marantz KI Pearl player?

No I did not see the link for the Marantz KI pearl player?

Is there one for sale? Where is it located ?

I put it in another thread where you were active.  It was around $1400, but looks like it's gone now.
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Marantz DV-9500/9600 ?
Here is a link to the Marantz KI Pearl auction (2 days left):

reserve not yet met at $1004

Good luck.
Thank You- 4thchoice.

I am looking for an EAR Dac 4 if you know any dealers that may have an demo or used on.  Feel free to message me or let me know if you have any connections.  Thanks!
The EAR acute cd player is on my must-demo list.