What is the best S-video cable out there?........Richard
Tributaries Silver S-Vhs cable is the best I have used so far.
Can't say that i've done much comparing between various S-Video cables, but i ended up snagging some Harmonic Technology Crystal Silver Super S Video cables and i'm quite happy with them. As per my usual methods, i looked for a very long custom cut length that nobody else might have a use for, which brought the price per foot down to a very attractive level. If i can remember correctly, i think i paid $125 delivered for 50 foot of this cable !!!

As i normally do, I then cut to length & reterminated myself. For connectors, i used some Gold Plated Dayton S-Video pieces and Wonder Solder.

What would have cost me a small fortune if i bought this new ended up costing me pennies on the dollar by buying used and "DIY'ing" my own. While this sounds like a phenomenally attractive type of situation, and it is, i will only warn those that are interested in doing something similar that soldering S-Video connectors is a lot less / much harder than soldering an RCA type connector.

As a side note, you're better off using component video over S-Video if you can. As far as that goes, i ended up using Belden 89248 as i had quite a bit left over from a previous spool that i had. After cutting to length, i terminated the cables using Dayton Teflon insulated locking RCA's and Wonder Solder.

Belden 89248 is a 75 ohm double shielded RG-6 cable. It makes use of a solid core 18 gauge copper center conductor with Teflon dielectric, a foil shield and a tinned copper braided shield. Once again, i've not done comparisons between cables in this regards, but i'm pretty happy with the results.

There's probably "better" that one can buy, but i think that at this point, you're well beyond the point of diminishing returns. This is especially true if you can find a great deal on some used Harm Tech cabling ( or something similar ) like i did. Sean

PS... I purchased the Harm Tech's from an ad that i found on Agon's "sister site" aka Videogon. I probably don't check over there as often as i should, but then again, i'm not buying / selling video related gear on a regular basis.

I tried out the Tributaries Silver S-video cable, its even better when you put it in the freezer for 48 hours!!...........Richard
The frozen Marigo S-Video is excellent as well...
You need to add Foresight mk2 s-video cable from as one of the best and only $69.00 for a 3 ft. cable, its the best I have ever seen, better than my friends Nordost Optix s-video and my Tributaries silver s-video cables. This is a "real sleeper"..........Rpatrick
I've used Monster Video 3 (in the 90's was their top of the line), Tributaries premium Silver, and Nordost Optix Super S-Video.
I believe Nordost Optix Super S (MSRP $250) is the best and if you do research you will find only rave reviews regarding it. Ive never tested Transparent's Premium (MSRP $300+??)but I heard its a reference cable as well.
The Tributaries Silver is the best for the dollar and is excellent and has basically the same construction as the other premium cables.
I have the Nordost hooked up to my Pioneer Elite CLD-97 laserdisc player.
Widescreen Review uses these 3 S-Video cables in their 4 reference systems: Monster's 2000 S-Video(top of the line), Nordost Optix Super S, and Transparent Premium on their laserdisc players: McIntosh 7020, Pioneer Elite CLD-97, Pioneer Elite CLD-99, and Runco LJR II. Hope this helps.
They will be a review on Ted Paisley's cables, in the near future in the Absolute Sound magazine..........Richard