Best route to go for new dac?

Hello. I am looking for a better dac. I am currently using My MacBook Pro with a dragon fly red. Audioquest golden gate 3.5mm to RCA to McIntosh Ma 252. audio quest type 4 to Revel Perfoma3 F206 Speaks and SVS SB3000 sub. The sub has Audioquest Black lab IC. I have around 1000 bucks. Best route to go? I mainly use Tidal. Thank you!

A hidden gem for small money is the Sabaj D5. If you're looking for something you'll have for a long time. And like a lot of options, when it comes to altering the sound. Try the RME ADI-2 FS DAC. It's got a million options in DSP, and comes from a reputable German corporation that makes professional studio gear. The  Sabaj is strictly an all Chinese affair, but with the exception of the volume/menu control on the front which is a little flimsy seeming, it's very well built. And sounds great to my ears. Both come with a remote control. And are also headphone amps.

And if you're into trying the R2R DACs, and you probably should be, because they sound great to many people. I would highly recommend the Denafrips ARES II over the other choices out there right now. Just from my research though, not personal experience. But it's going to be my next DAC. Another interesting choice, if you've ever considered room correction, is the MiniDSP SHD. It's got built in DSP/Dirac room correction, a Volumio streamer that competes with the best out there, and 4 channels of excellent Digital to Analog Conversion also.

I'd be happy to suggest more, if you have any specific requirements. I've researched just about all of them around that price category. There's many fine streamer DACs that can be had too, for instance. And also many budget gems too. Especially if you don't require XLR output (the ones I've mentioned all have XLR BTW). And/or if you just want something temporary, until you can learn more about them. Which isn't a bad idea at all. Good luck.

Andy B.
I was in the same boat a few months ago.  I was also using a red dragonfly with jitterbug.

I ended up with a Schiit Gungir multibit, used for $850.  I would recommend some schiit dac or the mhdt.  Schiit is built in CA and their dacs are modular so you can upgrade them.  
There is a Schiit Bifrost for sale local to me.  It is the older chipset, called uber, not the newer multibit. You can upgrade it to multibit if you wanted to.  He’s selling it with an asgard 2 headphone amp at a good price.  PM if you want more info!
I use a Macbook Pro running Amara Luxe to a Schist Yggdrasil GS. The Yaggie GS at $1599 is the greatest steal in audio, in my opinion. First time in my system (Audio Research SP6B + C-J MV75A-1 or GAS Ampzilla driving ATC SCM 35's) that I have felt digital is superior to analogue (Benz Ace on a Grace 707 and Ariston RD-11s). So much sheer drive to the music, with incredible detail and 3-dimensional body without the dry, grainy whitish highs of my previous digital setups.