Best room treatment


I have just installed my two Wilson Sophia 2 in my living room. The living room is 4 x 7,5 meter, divided in two; one listeing area of 4 x 4 meter and a dining area of 4 x 3,5 meter (divided by a timber wall of 1,5 meter on the listening side, and a free standing oven on the speaker side).

I will do a frequency sweep of the room this wee, but the main problem is a bass boost in the left corner / left speaker, and a little flutter due to windows behind the listening spot / sofa. Here we will buy some curtains. However, regarding the bass boost at left speaker, what kind of room treatments do you reccommend? ASC Tube Traps / Tower Traps or Realtraps or Echo Busters? ASC Tube Traps / Tower Traps is reccommended by Wilson Audio.

Cheeers and thanks! Toffen G
If you have already ruled out any further tuning of speaker placement, or listening chair placement, before you can determine what types of room treatment will help you need to identify the frequency(s) at which the problem (boost) occurs. The lower the frequency the harder is is to kill without using a parametric equalizer. The size of absorbent devices, effective say at or below 60hz, can be problematic for a lot of folks, especially wives. :-)

A little bit goes a long way with any room treatment that you decide to use. Just make sure that it is flameproof.
The echo buster "bass buster" fixed the same bass issue in my room. No experience with other brands, but I believe the ATC works on the same principle (hemholz resonator tuned to app 80hz and absorbtive to an octave or so above).

Shatki Halograms.
Acoustic room treatments, especially bass traps WILL BE the best money that you will have every spent...absolutely guaranteed! I use a combination of ASC and RealTraps.
go take pictures of your room and get the dimensions.

then send to asc for advice on what to put in there.

Pls also add asc's sound panels. These are very basic treatment for echo and flutter.

Go w/ ASC-they are pricey but they work!

good luck
I bought two bass and two side reflection panels (both 2'x4' roughly) from Acoustimac for $400 on very attractive maple stands - they made a remarkable improvement in what was already an excellent sounding set-up. I don't know how they compare to the audiophile brand treatments, these folks build stuff for studios and sell at a "real world" price, but I'm might impressed with the impact the had in all areas of performance, not just bass.
I'm using panels from GIK with excellent results.