Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under

 Been looking around for speakers in the 15K range and under. Most of my music is listened to on Vinyl but recently purchased a Aurender N10 for streaming which I am really happy with. I listen to a very wide range of music, some classical, jazz, classic rock, punk and metal. About 10 years ago I got rid of my 70’s era JBL and Pioneer speakers and they both really played everything well. Now it seems difficult finding the right all around speaker.  FYI, I like playing loud and want to hear the bass, but not wanting to go with subs. 

 So far I have listened with my set-up the new Magico A-3 and was impressed. Also on different gear at a dealer Monitor Audio Platinum 300 (I liked) but wasn’t a fan on the same set-up Totem Wind Design, Aerial 7T or ProAc D48R. In fairness to the Proacs I liked the sound but there was a lot of boominess at the dealer and in a fairly large listening area. Might have to go to a different dealer and listen again. Listened to the Legacy Signatures at Audio Doctor and was really impressed. 

 So my short list is Magico A-3, Legacy Focus SE, ProAc D-48R. Anything I’m missing that I should hunt down for a demo? I haven’t yet but by the encouragement of my salesman wants me to listen on my exact set-up the Focal Kanta and Sopra  as well. 

 Recently switched my front end and although my current speakers sound 100% better still not low enough and the highs become fatiguing afer awhile.
 Currently Gear:
McIntosh C2600 Preamp
McIntosh MC611 Monos
Aurender N10
Dr. Feikert Woodpecker TT with Jelco Tonearm/Koetsu Black Goldline, Denon 301II, Sumiko Blue Point
Speakers Kef Reference 3.

 Not willing to change any of my front end, just speakers. (And please no Tektons)
I use Audiokinesis JM2.0 + Space Generator and never look back..They're just amazing. You can select 8 Ohms or 12 Ohms. Throw any music to them, they will amaze you and the price is so unbelievable..
Hands down KEF reference 3 speakers are owe yourself to hear them .

Call Quest For Sound
Gee Questforsound way to follow a thread the OP owns kef Ref 3 want to sell him another pair.

Perhaps you should read before posting.