best rock voices

looking for nominations for best rock voice, NOT best vocal performance.......looking for the rock-quality of the voice first obvious choice is the ORIGINAL Rod Stewart
Last Friday while driving home from work they were playing The Doors Live at the Matrix (Circa 1968) from tapes from Marty Balin's Archives and Jim Morrisson sounded exactly the way he sounded in the studio. His voice was so silky smooth I mean he was in the moment. Having the Doors live at the Hollywood Bowl album and remembering how great he sounded on that I have to give him the nod.
A close second would go to Paul Rodgers. I saw him with Free when the Fire and Rain Album came out and recently at the Key Club in Morango when he was touring with Queen and he still can bring it.
Consider Jack White of White Stripes. Not your typical Rock vocal, but perfect for the type of rock music he makes. Screechy, wailing, unique, rocking!!
Tvad: I knew i couldn't be alone in liking John Waite. Thanks for not blasting my mispelling of his other bands name too, as it would have been easy to point out my "Bad English" : ) Sean
murray head/terry reid/steve marriott/ian gillian/mr snips/mike harrison/elvis presley/roy orbison/ellen foley/gary brooker/leslie gore/john lennon
Mention should also include Justin Hayward, Colin Blunestone and Brian Ferry