Best Rock Video - Sound Quality and Content

I was just wondering if anybody wanted to share with us their favorite rock video. It could be a single or an entire movie type video. I have recently been watching and listening to "THE LAST WALTZ" featuring "The Band". The video and audio quality are unsurpassed in my opinion. This video features some of the great rock and R&B stars of all time in The Band's final performance. If you like this kind of thing, check it out as you will see the likes of The Band, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, The Staples, Eric Clapton, Ron Wood, Ringo Starr, Joni Mitchell, Emylou Harris and other stars from the 70's. Robbie Robertson of The Band was way ahead of his time with this film. If you have not seen or heard this one, check out the quality of the film and the recording of The Band's song "The Weight". In my opinion, this is one of the best Dolby Digital 5.1 recordings ever made - the film overall receives my vote for "The Best Rock Video" of all time. Check it out!
Dire Straights - Alchemy
Roger Waters - The Wall Liove in Berlin

I have found that usually if there is also a audio release of it, chances are better for it to be good.
Peter Gasbriel Secret World
Roxy Music - Live at the Apollo
Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense
Steely Dan - Plush
Check out Bruce Springsteen and the E street Band; Live in Barcelona. Great sonics, excellent performance and good camera work. Eagles; "When Hell Freezes Over" specifically the DTS version.
One of the most outstanding videos ever made was Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer". Stunningly innovative animation, and the usual high quality Gabriel sound.
My favorite rock concert is Eric Clapton, "One More Car One More Rider" Live On Tour 2001 Filmed on location, at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, Calif. Excellent sound,(DTS) and picture, especially the camera work, motorized remote controlled. Eric surrounds himself with the best: Nathan East, Steve Gadd, Andy Fairweather Low, Billy Preston, David Sancious. Check it out!
Willis, if you haven't checked it out, take a look at Clapton's "24 Nights" concert filmed at the Royal Albert Hall. This concert blows away the "One More Car One More Rider" performance because of Clapton's spark. The video quality isn't as good on "24 Nights", but to me Clapton puts in a workmanlike performance on "One More Car One More Rider" that is somehow lacking in passion.
David Gilmour Live in Concert, Pete Townsend/ Music from Lifehouse, Roger Waters/In the Flesh, Sade/ Lover's Live.
Just to name a few.
ELO, Zoom
Roy Orbison, Black & White Night.
To Tvad, I have not seen 24 nights, I will give it a spin.
I like that Chili Peppers vid with the dreamlike quality (where the bass player is playing some telephone wires, etc.). This is great work.
I also like the No Doubt where they're riding the jet skis.
Pretty Gwen can twist my throttle any day!
The Pretenders-The Isle Of View
It's out on Rhino DVD and the sound is much better than the red book cd.
Not too many rock videos have had the benefit of being directed by Martin Scorsese. One of the things that makes "The Last Waltz" look so great is the direction. The perfomers and songs are first rate, and the camera work, angles and editing are typical MS. A real winner.

If you want to talk content only, my vote would be for "Woodstock"
Just saw the Talking Heads, STOP MAKING SENSE. This movie was produced by Jonathan Demme...OUTSTANDING in all respects. A true classic! I have it on laser disc (Japanese pressing), so I can't vouch for the video or audio quality on the DVD version.
David Gilmour Live in Concert (2002 DVD)...Definetely
Richard Wright does a guest appearance. Although its more of an "unplugged" sort of show, it rocks! 24bit sound, and some good cinematography.
Peter Frampton - Live In Detroit . Great sound and Camera work. "Lines on my face" or "I'll give you money" are two of my favorites . Turn it up !!!
Audio and video of Stop Making Sense on DVD is excellent. Among the best, especially as a total package of sound, picture, performance, direction, photography, and content. My other favorite is Rolling Stones Live to the Max, which is a transfer from an Imax movie done on the Steel Wheels tour, at Wembly. Bigger than life in every way.
Roger Waters In the Flesh Live. I agree with the reviews on roxy, pete g and pete T, the last waltz and stop making sense are also great but for me the Roger WAters just blows me away. Watched it about 15 times.
The following are all supurb but a tie for the top spot are:

Queen video hits vol 1 and Mannheim Steamroller Fresh air 8 in dts. Others:
Fleetwood Mac-the dance
Grateful Dead-Closing of Winterland
Led Zeppelin--How the west was won
Gordon Lightfoot-Live in ??
Roy Orbison--Black and White Night
in the flesh, coming of age (camel) and scripts of the jester joke (marillion)