Best rock song of all times

Only one answer please.
Not the best written or the best musical complexity but the one that represents the rock.

My choice: Satisfaction - Rolling Stones

- first notes are like the 5th of Beethoven (when you hear those notes, everybody pumps up the volume)
- still very up to date
- a mix of rock and blues rock and Motown sound
- lyrics talks about disatisfaction of young people vs life, politics, money and women (even B Dylan like that song)
- music is very basic as a good rock song should be
You people picked some good ones. I don't own any Stones cds, but I like Heart Breaker.
Spirit of Radio from Rush is great too, but I'll throw a curve and say Squonk from Genesis. Hell the whole cd (Trick of the Tail) is great!
Back in Black cd is pretty rock'n.
Queen never did it for me.
Missippi Queen.......Mountain, saw them twice with Felix Papalardi, great band in concert.
Songs from
- 60s-70s Rolling stones
- Black Sabbath with Ozzy and DIO
- Deep purple Mk II