Best rock song of all times

Only one answer please.
Not the best written or the best musical complexity but the one that represents the rock.

My choice: Satisfaction - Rolling Stones

- first notes are like the 5th of Beethoven (when you hear those notes, everybody pumps up the volume)
- still very up to date
- a mix of rock and blues rock and Motown sound
- lyrics talks about disatisfaction of young people vs life, politics, money and women (even B Dylan like that song)
- music is very basic as a good rock song should be
A New Day Yesterday by Jethro Tull
The Kinks dropped the "n' Roll" with "You Really Got Me"

Good one, Zardoz. Love your movie.

Some of my favorite rock tunes

Led Zeppelin's  " In the Evening "

Boston    " Piece of Mind "

Paul McCartney   " let me roll you"

Rolling Stones  " Slave"

Jimi Hendrix  " fire"

Deep Purple  " space truckin "

Neil Young   "cinnamon girl"

Jethro tull  " living in the past"

Supertramp  " school"

Van Halen " everybody wants some"

the Beatles "she's a woman"

Montrose " rock the nation or rock candy"

Nillsson  " jump into the fire "

lynyrd skynyrd   " Saturday night Special or on the hunt"

the outlaws " green grass and high tides"

CCR - " born on the bayou "

Hollies " long cool woman in a black dress"

AC DC - " have a drink on me"

Kinks  " all day and all of the night"

bad company " feel like makin love"

Mountain " Mississippi Queen "

Genesis  " Abacab"

Eric Clapton " She's waiting "

new one the Raconteurs " sunday driver"

White stripes " ball and a biscuit" more. 

“Mercury Blues” - David Lindley & El Rayo X

A kick in the pants and one of THE most absolutely effen raucous 4 minutes ever put down. 

Play it LOUD. 
Oh gawd yes, @oblgny! "Mercury Blues" absolutely smokes, and is a good recording ta boot (I've used it for years as material for speaker evaluations). I've seen Lindley perform it live with his great band El Rayo-X, and the room goes insane! People think The Who, The Ramones, The Pistols, and The Clash rock(ed), but none do harder than Lindley and his band on this song. The irony is that he is best known as a sideman for one of the laidback SoCal singer-songwriters, Jackson Browne of course. I've also seen David live with Ry Cooder, which is a real treat.