Best Rock Player... Jupiter??

I was ready to buy the Cary 303/200 but then I read a
post that the Rega had better PRAT. I also read that
the 303/200 can be a little slower sounding. I'm
looking for that all important boogie factor. It
seemed like what I was reading pointed me more towards
the Jupiter for boogie factor and rock music. Correct
me if I am wrong Cary fans.

I did heard the Jupiter vs Naim CD3.5 and I liked the
Rega better. The Naim seemed dry sounding?? I was
prepared to spend more for the Cary 303/200 but it seems
like the cheaper Jupiter might be more of my cup of tea
since its got more boogie factor..? Am I wrong? I
haven't heard the Cary, just the Naim and the Rega.

The Electrocompaint EMC-1 is far better than the Cary unit.Compare it to the Rega.
First, I own the Cary 303/200 and about 90% of my library is rock 'n roll. Trust me, the Cary TOTALLY rocks and I've never noticed anything "slow" about it. The Jupiter is also good, but it is less detailed than the Cary. I guess it depends on your taste. As for the EMC-1, it sounds OK, although I'm not thrilled about the transport - you have to physically attach the clamp magnet to the disc and then close the drawer. Also, I believe the EMC-1 has fixed/permanent 192 upsampling, which means you can't turn it off if it's either too detailed or if the sound is too compressed. You CAN turn off upsampling with the Cary.

This is something I've noticed about upsampling, at least to my ears. On older discs or even older stuff that's been remastered, the upsampling gives a nice boost - after all, a lot of the older stuff was originally recorded on less than desireable equipment. OTH, upsampling makes new recordings sound too compressed and they seem to lose a lot of the "air" and three-dimensionality.

I'd go with the Cary. You will not be disappointed.
get the jupiter. i've heard the naim and i think that the naim does sound marginally better, but only with the power supply upgrade. with the upgrade, it's timing is amazing. otherwise, the jupiter is certainly the way to go. (and the way i did go)

most of my collection is rock, as well.

i also tested the planet, naim cd5, jolida somethin', 47 labs, and a few others
Save your money and buy the Cambridge Audio D-500 SE !!! I will blind fold all of you, and guess what ? The Cambridge Audio D-500 SE will win !! God Bless Music.....
I'm not a Cary fan, but I know that it's fast enough for any rock and also tooo revealing for the bad mastered digi-records. As to EMC-1 it's quite a bit more costly than Cary although excellent machine for hard rock and classical music at the same time.
As to Rega stuff I'm not realy friendly since I realy did NOT like the performance of Rega Planet and Rega Planet 2000 after although never heard Jupiter. Is it just a transport? Planets used as transports never pleased my ears as well. The appearance of Planets aren't also pleasing and seems that CD-tray looks like a tray from pocket CD-player.
Since we've gone far afield from the players you initially mentioned as rock-friendly, I'll chime in with my own surprising recent discovery. I bought a used CAL Icon Mk II (without Power Boss upgrade) for about $400 as a back-up CD player to my EMC-1. The CAL is absolutely phenomenal as a rock CD player!! It is much more up-front and dynamic than the EMC-1, and sounds like it was built for rock music. My roommate will only use the CAL now, even for jazz. I still prefer the EMC-1, but I don't listen to too much rock anymore and have to agree that if I did, I would play it on the Icon instead of the EMC. Icons are always available used on this site, for around $400.
The Cambridge would be a good choice if they where to work properly.
Graet sonics for the price.
No money left over for build quality and quality control.
My CD6 lasted less than a day.
The line has been droped by some local High End shops.Too many problems with the reliability of the product.

Can anyone tell me about how the "tubed" Heart 6000
sounds with rock? Is it slow and lazy ? My freind
has been reading up on it and seems real jazzed about
the Heart 6000. I'd wait for him to get one and then
make my own conclussions but he just bought a condo
and won't have any money for quite awhile.

I've owned the Rega Planet and I presently own a Cary 303/100(no upsampling) and I can say without hesitation that the Rega was the slower sounding player as well as sounding veiled and uninvolving. I also listen to rock and between these 2 players it's a no brainer...Cary all the way.
But please do yourself a huge favor and take whatever cdp you want to audition and take it home and throw it in your system and listen with your cd's.
Your missing the boat if you rely totally on opinion..and that includes mine.
i agree with greh. make sure you listen to your own cd's when auditioning. and also, greh, are you talking about the new or old planet? i owned them both and thought the new one was about twice as good.

i now use a jupiter 2000 and it's even better, especially in timing and low end. comperable to the naim cd5/linn genki.

in that price range, i think all three are must-auditions.
Do you have a local Creek dealer ? Their CD players are very popular in the UK, land of PRAT. Also try to look for Cyrus ... I loved their amps when I was living in the UK, and I have heard their CD players a few times .. very dynamic and exciting.
Hello Lazarus 28
I am refering to the original Planet
I dont know if you have seen The latest cd players from Cambridge but they definetly are not like you say, So please stop telling everyone they suck. Yes,they did have some problems before, but those are fixed now and i think they have the best build and quality,reliability in their price range and above. I have the D300 and its got Superb build and sound and i think it could last forever. Read the reviews. Not like they used to be go out and look for yourself.