Best rock/jazz speaker under $10k used

What speaker under $10k used can rock hard but also bring out the best in jazz voice? I love the sound of planars for voice, but I sometimes I really want to shake the walls and bring out the best in a power chord. Opinions?
If your room can handle them I just LOVE the Dynaudio C4's.
Or if there is a Dynaudio dealer near by check out the Contour 5.4's.
That's my opinion
Used Mirage Msi series are great. They have a sound field like planer speakers but have dynamics and bass. I use these with 100W ARC VT100 and Metalica never sounded better!
Dynaudios are a great choice (above).

Also look at ATC or PMC - ATC 50's or 100's (if you really want to shake the walls yet still have a great panel like midrange clarity for vocals)

ATC are installed in Ronnie Scott's jazz club yet rockers like AC/DC like them too. Finesse with ability play extremely loud/dynamic.
Personally, I own the Dyn's and they are awesome speakers, but, IMO, they DON"T do rock very well. And they are super critical so most inferior hard rock/metal recordings sound like schitt.
Infinity Prelude MTS
Sophia 2 are pretty cheap used. They have good vocals and strong bass. The drivers lack ultimate integration and resolution. But at their current used prices they are a very good deal. The big dynamics will be good for rock music.
When I read the title, the first speaker that came to mind was the Prelude, even before opening the thread.
I would second the Prelude.
a pair of klipsch cornwalls...keep the change.
Thanks for all of your suggestions so far. I now know of speakers that I hadn't before. Keep them coming!
Check out the JTR Triple 12HT's. They can handle up to 1600 watts. They are Pro speakers, redesigned for the home. You can read about them over at AVS.
You should try to experience classic large JBL, Altec, or above mentioned Klispch. No problem with rock and fun for jazz.

You should also try to listen to Martin Logan Summits. They have nice deep bass and do not compress like older models and can actually rock. Then you have a wonderful stat sound and stage for jazz, vocals, and subtle effects and such. They do that splendidly. In my opinion a bargain in that they are adequate for rock and excel with jazz.

Have Fun!
Used, PSB Stratus Gold. Don't be deceived by the price!
Newer OHM Walsh speakers. You need a good high current high power SS or Class D amp though for "the best" performance.

Rebuilt Apogee Duetta Signature......under $10,000. $1,000 broken, and $5,000 rebuild.

Good to go at $20,000 and above.

I would also 2nd the Wilson Sophia I or the IIs.
Zu Druids plus a subwoofer.
Add more power to planars.
After all the suggestions & recommendations are all in. The next thing to do would be to listen to most of them with your favourite cd's and head to the authorized dealer.
Nothing beats an actual in store demo.
good luck.. lots of great choices out there.
I would also like to add, its probably best to get a speaker that is a good all-arounder rather than a specific speaker for rock / jazz.
Our personal taste in music could evolve over a period of time.
All the best!
Yes, thanks for all of the suggestions. As I said above, I learned of some speakers I'd never have otherwise found.
The silverline Sonata IIIs are tuff to surpass in this range. they work well with both SS and tubes of moderate power output. Are easy to set up. don't impose or take over a room, and are well undere the $10K boundary.

trust me on this, I've been considering an upgrade there for myself... but feel under $10K I'm just going to gain 'different' far more than better.
Interesting on the Silverline Sonatas. Nice review in 6moons.
Let's face, it, for $10K used, you have a lot of excellent choices for rock/jazz. Optimizing with your amp and your personal preferences for sound and style should be the determining factors.

I say the OHMs mainly because their unique design allows them to transcend what most speakers are capable of doing at their price points, which are based on room size, not relative sound quality. If you take to them, you will probably never look back at more conventional designs again. If your room is not too big in particular, you can get optimal results for a very modest price and spend teh rest elsewhere if you like. So the potential up side is considerable.....
Escalante Fremont for rock - they are very efficient (true 93 db.), very fast, and can handle enormous amounts of power. They are not the most accurate speaker, however, including being rolled off above 6 Khz., notwithstanding the ring revelator tweeter, and thus may not do full justice to cymbals for some jazz fans. In any event, balls they have and can knock you over with clean decibels (Escalante's Matt Waldron has evidently claimed that the speaker will reproduce a 60 cycle tone at 130 decibels if the speaker is "plugged into an outlet").