Best Rock, Blues, Jazz speaker under $1,500.

Hello all! I would like to tap some of the vast knowledge & experience you folks have in my quest for new speakers. I will be using it for 85% music, and have a NAD 317 integrated amp @ 80w per. I am one of those goofballs that likes a bit of extra bass response. Not shaking the house with dance/rap music. Just like to feel the bass drum or guitar. I have a pair of DCM TF 600's that are starting to show some age, and now have more space in our new house for bigger speakers. Any thoughts? I am not against getting speakers that may need more amp down the road. I am also not opposed to a sub, but have never had one, and would like to get speakers that can go to 30k or even lower.
Polk Lsi 15's from Crutchfield or Paradigm also has bass.
Soliloquys are excellent with these types of music and have a bass you can feel.
the castle advisor ( has the deal of a lifetime on them......bass sounds like real music
Audition some Vandersteen 2ce's if you get a chance, plenty of room filling bass I believe down to 28hZ before slow roll off. Well within your budget. I suggest buying used here on Audiogon and save yourself a few hundred dollars. Lot of speaker for the money.
I second Shoe's recommendation. I would also consider the 3A's, as a good used pair fall in your range. I think you will find they are a great speaker with a little more punch than the 2ce's.
Thanks, folks! I just found a pair of "b-stock" Soliloquys here from Quest for Sound. Heck of a deal. Steven is a really nice guy, so if anyone is in the market for Soliloquys, they have some great deals going.