Best Rock Album of 2016

Alright rock fans, let's get our annual thread started.

I'm really digging Sturgill Simpson's "A Sailor's Guide to Earth" - yeah, I know its not pure rock and roll as he's an alt-country/americana guy with country roots, but this album is just killer.  Easily will be on my top albums of the year list.  


Oh cool thanks for that rec. I love his other release! 
I agree with the new Sturgill Simpson album, very good.  I also like the new Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals "Call It What It Is".

A couple of others:

Lissie-"My Wild West"

I'm waiting patiently for new Beth Hart/Jeff Beck album.  Should be fantastic.
Steven Wilson's 4 1/2 is pretty darn intoxicating. Cheers,
I also like Lissie's album but Billy Gibbons ,Perfectamundo just flat out rocks. You won't find any clever lyrics or something drastically different but it is just pure fun to listen to. For current song of the year, I would select Maia Sharps "Nothing but the radio on" off her "Dash between the Dates" album which is a pretty good  as an entity.
Thanks for the Maia Sharp recommendation!  Never heard of her, but Tidal has several of her albums.

God, I LOVE Tidal!!!

big Ben Harper fan as well as Maia Sharp. Good to read that these guys are back!
adding Pete Yorn's "ArrangingTime" to our list 

Beth Hart is painful!
Beth Hart is painful!

Yeah, she's painfully WONDERFUL!  One of my favorite female vocalists.  Sorry if you don't like her, but hey, haters are gonna hate as the kids say...
Agree with Spencer on the latest offering from Steven Wilson. His band Porcupine Tree is a must listen as well but isn't exactly 2016.
Beth Hart... "Better Than Home".. her (swan song), IMO!

Haven't heard anything since.

Ozzy: If "painful" means GREAT!, I concur! that she harnesses her pain, to achieve an lp that the end user feels her pain and becomes one!

Sorry if you don't get it.
I LOVE the new album by Lumineers called Ophelia !!
Santigold's new album 99c is strong enough to be on many AOY lists. It reflects quite a few influences and as usual her music is hard to classify (Wiki says its art pop, alternative dance, new wave). 99c is close to being the perfect album with not one filler and every song well crafted. This album oozes classic from the album cover, sick beats and lyrically clever digs at our throw away and media mad culture. Production and sound quality are all excellent.
Just listened to the new Robin Trower album "Where Are You Going To?".  Excellent!  Man, can that dude play the guitar.  Reminded me a lot of the old Robin Trower.  Highly recommended.

The new Goo Goo Dolls "Boxes" is just okay.  I really like them, but the past couple of albums have left me kinda cold.
Santana IV keeps getting better and better on repeat. I think this is his best since the 70’s.

BTW, any word on the new Radiohead?
Listened to the new Clapton all the way through twice now. Excellent! He has re-teamed up with Glyn Johns for this.

"I Still Do" is a 2 disc, 45RPM release and only sells for around $25!

Kinda like the Clapton of old. What is it with all these older guys suddenly finding their way old times? Great for us.

"Listened to the new Clapton all the way through twice now. Excellent! He has re-teamed up with Glyn Johns for this.

"I Still Do" is a 2 disc, 45RPM release and only sells for around $25!

Kinda like the Clapton of old. What is it with all these older guys suddenly finding their way old times? Great for us."

i just checked the Dynamic Range Database and would you believe the new Clpton CD is already posted. The bad news is that the CD is kind of compressed. Not terrible but disappointing. Al least it’s not as bad as his last one, The Breeze (CD) which had abysmal dynamic range numbers. Hopefully the vinyl of I Still Do fared better.

Clapton is old...
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Of 2016...?

Sheesh, folks, it ain't even 2016:30 yet...

I'm awaiting the release of the new Felice Brothers, always a contender for best of the year.  
Listened to the new Peter Wolf Album last night.  "A Cure For Loneliness".  A little different from his past few albums.

More on the Americana/Bluegrass/Country side of things, but still pretty damn good.

He does a Hillbilly/Bluegrass version of "Love Stinks" which is...well...unique.
I'll 2nd the Lumineers, Cleopatra.
I think Ray Lamontagne's Ouroboros is outstanding. It's an actual album not just a collection of songs. 
They just started playing the snot out of the new Radiohead release on WFUV here in NY and now I'm finally not confusing them with Coldplay any longer...and I like what I've heard so far. 

Surprising even myself I discovered a Radiohead cd in my collection that I don't remember buying.  Then again Lucinda's release a little while back bears mention as well. 

Heard a cut off of the new Santana on the radio the other day...don't remember the song's name but the lyrics were horrible! I know of one lp I won't be buying.

Another vote for Lumineers.
Giant Sand "Heartbreak Pass"
Still can't get into the latest Radiohead...a few more 2016 favorites:

William Tyler "Modern Country"
Cass McCombs "Mangy Love"
Band of Horses "Why are you OK"
Underworld "Barbara Barbars..."
Rufus Du Sol "Bloom"

Besides Metallica-
any top tier releases slated for NOV or DEC?
Bon Iver new album is different with some weird sampling , but as a whole, I LOVE it!!!
Robert Plant.
Jeff Beck - Loud Hailer is my favorite rock album from the last few years. It should get the grammy for best rock album of 2016. It's classic JB, but also very contemporary songwriting and singing by Rosie Bones. It's political, in a political year (aren't they all now). Well worth your effort if you haven't listened to it. The vinyl in top-notch.


I saw RP and his band on ACL last weekend. Awesome!! Going to order the vinyl today.
The Radio Dept "Running Out of Love"

One of the year's best, easily!

laughing...... Robert Plant is old.

BTW, is there a new Robert Plant album? I didn't see one on Amazon, iTunes or wiki 2016 Album releases. 

Robert Plant may be old but there is a reason the songs from the 60,70's still keep on playing. It had soul, depth.

I just don't think the younger Rock Music is very good. They all jump around the stage but the music is pretty mundane. Disposal in my opinion.

"And stay off my lawn"!

Robert Plant and the Sensational Sound Shifters "lullaby and...The Ceaseless Roar"

Although, I just recently learned of this, ( I don't know which one jafant refers to) I noticed it was released in 2014.

I highly recommend watching the ACL set. Plant melds in some of the classic Led Zeppelin with his new stuff. I found it to be inspirational and fresh.

My vinyl just arrived. It's a double lp (three music side) with a cd. Pressed at Pallas.
TY- astro58go.

Happy Listening!
Give a listen to Steven Wilson's 4-1/2. He's a genius.


I'm a big PT/Steven Wilson fan. I have most of PT on vinyl and SW as well. "4-1/2" was not, IMO, one of his best in terms of sonics. Side on (lp) is not very good in SQ, IMO, Side two is better.

I'm not calling you out, just wanted to make my case for any one considering shelling out big bucks for the lp.

Cheers! WAS from 2015.

January 22, 2016 is what my copy release date was....
Being a subscriber to Analog Planet (Mike Fremer) paid off: the latest from the Apple Rabbits is on constant repeat on my Pono player. Should have bought LP, it is that good!! Downloaded all AR previous efforts, was not impressed: too Radiohead-y
Andrew Bird's new album, Are You Serious, has my vote.

9:50 into his tiny desk concert is the song "Capsized"
any BIG releases in December?
Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep Of Reason 

Young Gun Silver Fox
Downloaded it first, then bought LP copy of Elaenia by the Floating Points. Love it! Amazon reviewer compared it to Miles Davis (thats why I bought it), he was way too kind! However, for those of us who still listen to the Tubular Bells, this may be an interesting catch.