Best Rock Album of 2014

Alright rock fans, let's get our annual thread started.

I'm really digging:

Real Estate "Atlas"
War on Drugs "Lost in the Dream"

Late 2013 FWIW.
St. Vincent.
Its only April. Little early for album of the year, no? Or did you mean "so far" ?
No Wino, it's not too early . There are albums that are so great that we know they will be in tops of year list.
Yes!!!!! , The War On Drugs album is outstanding!!!!
Atlas is very very good!
Have you heard Sun Kil Moon's new album called Benji? It got a 9.3 over on Pitchfork. It tremendous !!!
Also, Keither, take a listen to the new Mac Demarco album called, Salad Days. Its real nice! You can hear it on Spotify.
War on Drugs and Elbow are on heavy rotation.
Future Islands - Singles
Bongo, you have done eit again! Turned me on to yet another great band/album. I'm really, really digging the new Elbow album. Thanks!
I like that Eagulls Interpol but better mixed with Savages/Joy Division.
Robben Ford "A Day In Nashville".
Toddnkaya: thanks

Wussy, "Attica"
Morning Phase / Beck
Woods, With Light and Love

Pop-rock equivalent of Rubber Soul in quality and originality of songs and performance. Can't get it out of my head!

Also, The War on Drugs newest, Lost in the Dream. Neo-psychedelic rock at its finest. Moving rapidly up the charts.


I did like the new Woods album. Thanks. Anders Osborn's new album is very strong!
Based on Nglazer's description and praise of the Woods' new album "With Light and With Love" I bought it along with The War on Drugs' new record and some others. Both excellent new records.

I especially liked the Woods lp. Side 2 is as good a side of music as I've heard in a long time!

Lydia Loveless' new record "Somewhere Else" is excellent as well.
Second Beck's Morning Phase. First heard it on vinyl on an all Shindo system with their Latour speakers. A great presentation that prompted me to buy the album.

Glad to hear you liked the latest from Woods. You might also like their album before Light and Love, called Bend Beyond. I am just exploring it, and find it very interesting and absorbing.

In a similar vein is the latest Real Estate album called Atlas. Very tuneful and melodic folk-rock guitar band with good vocals.

In an archaeological vein, I have just "discovered" The Waterboys, and they take my breath away. Cannot stop listening to The Sea. Where have I been that I missed this band?


I will check out the Real Estate album for sure. I've been a Waterboys fan since I saw them open for U2 at the Aragon Ballroom back in 1984. I also like World Party a lot. That's Karl Wallinger's band after he left The Waterboys.
Hey Neal , take a listen to Mac Demarco's new album called Salad Days, it's awesome,really very special with every song shining. If you like Atlas , I think you will really love this album.
I have now moved backward in time to prior Woods albums. Bend Beyond is superb, different from With Light and Love but hughly original and entertaining. Their 2009 Songs of Shame is mind-bending. Where have these guys been, and why are they not famous? Sad testament to the state of music today. If I see Taylor Swift on one more award show, or hear Rhianna's or Justin Timberhead's nasal monotone once more I will barf.

BB, I have been a big World Party fan since his first album. I just never knew he came from The Waterboys.

Todd, I will try Mac Demarco.


Rosanne Cash "The River & The Thread"!

Country? Maybe. This record should be required listening for all!

My second so far is Nick Waterhouse "Holly".
Beck "Morning Phase". This one has to be in the top ten when the year is over with. Beck has made another important lp. This lp happens to be from one of our generations most important artists. Listening to the music, especially the vocals, reminds me of early Pink Floyd lps.

Somehow Beck, (even with all of the studio gymnastics of "Morning Phase"), along with his earlier efforts, manages to make his lps, sonically, sound analog! I wish other artists would take note.
Walinger's move from The Waterboys to World Party is one of the great examples of the Second Banana stepping up after stepping out of the shadows. Like Jeff Tweedy emerging out from under Jay Ferrar post Wilco, or even George Harrison post Beatles, Karl Wallinger really came into his own after leaving Mike Scott's Waterboys.
True, Martykl. Or like Ryan Adams from Whiskeytown. But where has Wallinger been the last few years?

Funny you should ask. World Party is currently touring as an electric three piece (no rhythm section). They're coming to LA in two weeks and I just bought tix 5 minutes ago.
Re Karl Wallinger, check out his latest, Dumbing Up. He did suffer a serious
medical conditions (stroke?...don't recall what I read) that kept him out of
circulation for some time.
Jack White's new album is really good.
Wallinger had a brain aneurism about 10 years ago that put him down for 5+ years while he re-learned many basic sills, including guitar and piano. FWIW, I like Dumbing Up quite a lot, tho not as much as I like Egyptology or Goodbye Jumbo.

Also good news re: Jack White. He played a club in LA last night and I really tried to get there, but just couldn't quite pull it off on last minute's notice. Will check out the new music tho.
Jack White... His association with Third Man records.. I appreciate his dedication to vinyl.

The problem is the "end product". The sonics are not good!

I'll not buy another lp on TMR until I hear the sonics have improved!
Conor Oberst- Upside Down Mountain
Eels- The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett

In previous incarnations Oberst has been all over the place-- sometime as painfully so for his audience as for himself. But on this one he is in top form with alt country leaning into rock. He's now at the intersection of Rosanne, Lucinda, Son Volt, Wilco, Neil, and occasionally George Harrison.

The new Eels album is better than his last few. I saw them live a couple of weeks ago from the fourth row in a half-empty house. This is as fine a working band as there is, full of shaded truths tempered with gentle irony.

Jack White is good, but more blues fan-boy than aging baby genius.
The new Lana Del Rey album, Ultraviolence, is just breathtaking. This girl can sing!

Dgarretson: Let's admit it, as far as sonics and quality of output, JW has slipped. His association with 3rd Man records, while admirable is (sonically) a disaster.
I'm really enjoying the new Antler's album called Familiars!!!
For those who like Lana Del Ray give the MS MR CD a listen .
Augustines (dunno about 'best' but definitely worth checking out).

Keithr - Thanks for the WOD recommendation. Never heard of Adam Granduciel before. Listened to Lost in the Dream last night. Listening now to Slave Ambient. WOD pushes a lot of the right buttons for me. Enjoying it very much.
Your welcome, Ghosthouse- probably still my favorite album of 2014
Beck - Morning Phase
John Hiatt- Terms of My Surrender. This is Haitt's best mature work by a country mile. Other than Dylan(and hopefully Hiatt still has ten years to catch up with Bob) there is no grander master straddling rock, country, blues, and unaffected Americana. Excellent New West LP SQ. Gives Morning Phase a serious run for best of 2014.
The very best album I have listened to this year is Damon Albarn's Everyday Robots. This album is simply genius!!
It's on Spotify so you can listen for free. Dan is/was the lead singer for Blur and the man behind the Gorrilaz .
If you love creative inventive music please give this cd a spin. I know you will love it. Todd
REM's Unplugged: The Complete 1991 and 2001 Sessions
If you love The War On Drugs new masterpiece you should also really
Strand of Oaks' new release called Heal. It too is a fantastic album!!
Both are Phila. bands. Included is this fine review.
It's on Spotify
Just can't get into the new Beck- so dreary, but not groundbreaking or fresh. Call me crazy.

I am really enjoying Damon Albarn's album- its pretty unique as far as singer/songwriter music goes.
If you dig Avant-Rock, Factor Burzaco - 3 is the best rock-based album of the year BY FAR. Again, it requires an ear for the eclectic as a prerequisite.
Keithr , please take a spin of Strand of Oaks new album Heal , I'm pretty positive you will really enjoy it!
Let me know what you think?
It's on Spotify
Damon Albarn, Phil and Dave Alvin, Tom Petty, Paolo Nutini and Jenny Lewis now on heavy rotation.
The new Spoon album They Want My Soul is absolutely GREAT !!
Jenny Lewis "The Voyager"
Orenda Fink "Blue Dream"