Best Rock Album in 2013

Ok folks, let's get another one started. Best yearly thread for us rock fans. Most of the albums are starting to be released.

Have to say, Atoms for Peace doesn't do anything for me despite the "superband" status. Where is Flea on the record?

Lots of potential coming with Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the National, Postal Service, Vampire Weekend, etc.

Not rock (it's indie), but I like Toro y Moi "Anything in Return" so far. Going through the new Depeche Mode currently- pretty up and down effort.
Still a lot of time to go but I have The Eels" Wonderful, Glorius" in heavy rotation.
Local Natives -- Hummingbird

Groundbreaking combo of musicianship, lyrics and vocals. The more you listen the more you appreciate. A very deep, rich and satisfying album.

Check out Gary Clark jr. awesome guitar player.
At least Atoms for Peace surpasses Yorke's last solo and sounds closer to Radiohead. BTW this is a really fine sounding and good looking 2x 45rpm LP set with the special edition embossed gatefold.

Other good ones, also on LP:

Christopher Owens, Lysandre

Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie Prince Billy, What the Brothers Sang

Richard Thompson, Electric (unfortunately over-compressed)

Thurston Moore, Chelsea Light Moving

Nick Cave & the Seeds, Push The Sky Away (currently touring & in top form)
Buckcherry Confessions!
Not really rock per se, but the new Boz Scaggs "Memphis" is my favorite.
Dave Grohl's Sound City film soundtrack! All analog all the way through a Neve 8028:

with Josh Homme, Stevie Nicks, Paul McCartney, Rick Springfield, Trent Reznor, Jim Keltner, Robert Levon Been and many others.

Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson is a guitar god. Electric is a great album
How to Destroy Angels, "Welcome Oblivion". Electronica/Rock by Trent Reznor and Mariqueen Maandig. Trippy.
David Bowie - The Next Day
Stealing Sheep. Local Natives. DJ Day. All rocking the Bongotron.
Night Beds - Country Sleep (very good fidelity on this one)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II

...on LP, of course.
Palma Violets and Fidlar
This thread should be renamed - Worse Rock Albums of 2013
How to destroy angels: love that. Just saw Trent in Coachella. The best lighting rig EVER.

Love the new album by Paul Kelly from Australia.
Notec - Nice drive by. Please enlighten us with your 2013 favorite.
Ditto the new Bowie-- a really well-crafted effort and excellent sounding LP.

Also in heavy rotation:

Johnny Marr, The Messenger
Iron & Wine, Ghost on Ghost
The Flaming Lips, The Terror
Son Volt, Honky Tonk
Phosphoresence - Muchachos Alt country pschedelic rock. Utterly original, melodic and rhythmic, with great vocals. A star is born!

New Jimi Hendrix is pretty good. Real smooth recording.
Phosphorescent...nothing else even close. IMO that "star" was born about 10 years ago with their debut album A Hundred Times Or More.
Love Phosphoresent
Just listened to some tracks on the Local Natives "Hummingbird".

Really? Best of 2013? Is this what we've come to?

So far - to this point in the list - the below would be worthy additions to ANY "Best Lists" however, this years have noted exceptions:

- Jimi Hendrix - PEOPLE HELL & ANGELS (Not technically new 2013 but contain 12 previously unreleased studio tracks, gatefold, hand numbered, 200 gram pressing. I like it it rocks!)

- Son Volt - Honky Tonk (A great rock band to the core but this album is not rock! I love this record.)

- The Eels - Wonderful, Glorious (Like the Eels and this ones not bad... but would not put it in the 2013 best list).

- Sound City - Real to Reel (mediocre over all; except the Homme contribs. Paul McCartney's "cut me some slack" gets old quick so, no Paul I aint cutting you jack. Retire already.)

- The Flaming Lips - The Terror (bit a a disappointment)

Anxiously Awaiting:
- COLIN HERRING's new one (date:???) and
- DRAGOON - THIS GALAXY IS BUT A NURSERY (really can't wait for this one) out 5/7.

Out Now, Honorable Mention:
- MONAHANS: Leveler [TEG-004] Is/was a bit a disappoint with more mediocre songs on it then not. But the strong ones keep me loving this bands (formally know as Milton Mapes)
- MOUNT MORIAH: Miracle Temple (Country Rock) [MRG466]

The year ain't even half over so... theres still hope yet (just not with the majority of the suggestions made here so far).

Here's to living in a wonderful age of music making where we have so many choices! *clink* *gulp* *burp* *ahhh*
I will second the jimi hendrix - people,hell and angels. It has some real good songs. The vinyl is a good pressing as well.
Will "second" the How to Destroy Angels (and a fab Coachella performance indeed). Will be taking this record to THE Show in Newport in a few weeks.
Yes, Shakey. Thankfully, this is what we have come to. Try listening all the way through a few times. And if you don't like it, it does not mean civiliztion had ground to a halt.

Really LOVE the new Iggy Pop album. James Williamson's guitar playing is a marvel to behold and Iggy rocks it like 1973. Hard to imagine another 60 year doing this.

"04-28-13: Synthfreek
Phosphorescent...nothing else even close. IMO that "star" was born about 10 years ago with their debut album A Hundred Times Or More."

He is one of the great songwriters of our time. Brilliance. Grab any of his records, all are top shelf. Bonus is he's a great producer too so we get proper sonics along with the heartfelt croon. A real favorite of mine.
richard, a bunch of guys whose opinions i respect highly (yours included) have touted this phosphorescent to me recently. i confess that i don't get 'em. they seem to be mining the same territory as fleet foxes or grizzly bear, but not nearly as effectively--where the aforesaid sound natural and unforced, there's something contrived and overfussy about the phosphorescent; the little electronic flourishes sound tacked-on and distract from the singer's very good, if hyperdramatic voice. maybe i'm just in a bad mood?

As they say: De gustibus non est disputandum.

You either like Phosphorescent or you don't. Personally, I think it is the best album of the year, and the prior album also is outstanding. It sometimes takes a few listens because it is an unusual sound and the viocals are unique -- as are the lyrics.

neal, i don't speak french (i can barely speak english), but i'll give 'em some more time to sink in. all the cognoscenti can't be wrong.
Now, I don't speak Swahili, but you can't convince me that 4 plus 8 doesn't equal 115, nine times out of three, or that your average horse won't recite original Shakespeare in Sanskrit if you slide it backwards under a chicken, gently -- provided of course you send it flowers first. (That was supposed to be funny. Forgive the flailing fail.)
New Vampire Weekend and National albums. Best ones yet by two Brooklyn bands I admire.
Savages - Silence Yourself is incredible. I've probably given it a dozen listens in the past month. Siouxsie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, DA!...etc.
Lwin: I second "Wonderful, Glorious", IMO, maybe his best yet, certainly his best sonically. Watch out for the 'DEEP' etchings on side 1 @ 3, they'll send your stylus/arm back from the direction in which it came, in a hurry.

Dgarretson: You're so right about R Thompson "Electric" being overly compressed. In this way it was a huge dissappointment to me, otherwise it could be a much more enjoyable lp. Any doubters, just put on "Sweet Warrior" or "Old Kit Bag", no comparison! (LP)
..... admitting this was R Thompson's latest label, (New West).... this is a perfect example, IMO, of how a great artist with great songs can slip a few notches with those of us who still care about SONICS.

Maybe, sonically, his worst sounding lp ever?
regarding "Atoms For Peace", I hear Flea on every bass note! I enjoy listening, but it's such an out of the mainstream record that it would be hard for me to even consider it for ROTY.
regarding the latest Hendrix... It's a nice addition to a record collection but IMO, it's not in the running for ROTY.
I promise, my last post here today.

Starflyer59. "IAMACEO" My favorite! Check them out! Buy the vinyl at their record label site, now!
Three satisfying LPs:

The Besnard Lakes: Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO. The best of the Montreal sound, IMO.

Deerhunter: Monomania. The dissonance requires patience, but no more than on some Eels albums and well worth the trouble.

Calexico: Spiritoso. Algiers live with an orchestra.
One Rock album that I'm finding VERY satisfying now is Rob Zombie's Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor. 12 tracks of pure bliss to me. I keep enjoying Rob Zombie's work with John Five (John5). Yep I said it. Rob Zombie.
Gonna make a "Worst Albums of 2013" and link to this thread, sheech....
New Daft Punk is really good!
Notec - please do! Then spend all of your time in that thread writing all about how your taste in music is superior to others and stop whining over here, “sheech ...” You already made your point once, yet you seem to feel it necessary to continue whining in this thread. Enough already. Taste in music varies - get over yourself.
haha - forgot I already commented here already - twice! Yikes!

Too much Reznor can make you aggressive huh rockadanny?
Notec - Not at all. Just low tolerance for arrogance.
Deal with it
Notec - That's easy.
I am a huge Flamimg Lips fan, or at least was (I've seen them three times), anyway, this new album, The Terror, SIMPLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cmon, this is nothing but stupid narcissistic, amelodic, electronic wanking, belly button, g(r)azing. I'm taking this one back.

And another thing, Wayne, get the hell off the TV!!!

Ah, much better.