Best Rock Album in 2010

So its finally landed, the third album by Rock duo JohnOssi, with John Engelbert on Guitar and Vocals and Oskar Bonde on drums.

Mavericks - JohnOssi

Last year i had the title Best Rock Album in 2009, so far and had my vote out for Black Keys man Dan Auerbach, this year I will drop the "so far" and stipulate that this is as good as it gets!

Please add your best for 2010, but lets keep it to albums released in 2010.
It's still early in the year, but so far....

"Beat The Devil's Tattoo" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Tbromgard, which album is that, KOL coming out with à new in 2010, nice because there 2008 was my favorite that year.
That's a tough one, no clear winners so far. Some fine ones, not all of them rock & all on vinyl:

Magnetic Fields: Realism
Shearwater: The Golden Archipelago
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists: The Brutalist Bricks
Bill Callahan: Rough Travel for a Rare Thing(Live)

I want to hear David Byrne's Imelda Marcos album but can't bring myself to it. Anyone try?

Though released in '09, vinyl appeared this year:

Neil Young: Dreamin' Man Live '92
Monsters of Folk
Landau, Ford, Haslip, & Novak - Renegade Creation
If this was released back in the day, the band would be touted as a super-group! Good old-fashioned dual gtr blues rock ala The Allmans or Johnny Winter And. Michael Landau's a guitarists guitarist. His Hendrixian tone makes Stevie Ray Vaughn sound like a bar cover band! Robben Ford is a Clapton-level blues player. Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets) has been a top 10 elec bassist for decades. Gary Novak's a drumming vet with a sterling resume, and he's having a blast on this record. AND it's recorded beautifully, audiophiles! Check it out!
Chazro, yes that is a tasty group.
>>05-14-10: Perrew
Bill, come on Broken Bells are soft pop, Im talking ROCK!!! here:-)<<


Maybe you should wait for new releases from Kiss, Def Leopard, or Thin Lizzy.

Right up your alley.
I'm totally diggin' the new Phosphorescent album. They've added Memphis style horns and upped the tempo a bit for quite a change to their usual sound. Matthew's voice is still front and center.
massive attack's new release.....Heligoland. i can't stop playing it. a close 2nd would be "xx" and their new release "x".

The XX only has their debut album which was out last year. Is there a new album out soon, as their website does not indicate this?

Agreed regarding the new Phosphorescent LP. Good stuff and a nice progression of their sound. I've been enjoying the Mimicking Birds LP which is wonderful both sonically and musically - a bit in the Bon Iver meets Joanna Newsome vein. Recommended.
Bill Kiss released new in 2009, so they just missed this thread:-)

I got the Broken Bells album though, its very nice!
Local Natives - Gorilla Manor

Some of the freshest new stuff I have heard in awhile.
I agree with Nilthepill - that Mumford & Sons album is a scorcher (it was released in 09 in the UK, this year in the US). I'm also digging "Brothers" by the Black Keys and Anders Osborne's "American Patchwork." I also like the new Dead Weather release ("Sea of Cowards", which I didn't expect to like as I didn't care for their debut).
lots of good picks above. i'd add:
the national
nels cline--initiate (awesome free form guitarist currently slumming w/wilco)
i've spent some time with the xx and broken bells and haven't quite fallen in love. broken bells in particular is a great sounding record, but i'm not sure the songs are as strong as the first two shins records--for whatever reason i forget it as soon as its over. please keep the suggestions coming.
Initiate is good nue jazz on the heels of several worthy Cline side-projects(particularly New Monestary and Downpour(live 06.) Or is Wilco the side project?

Enjoying Sea of Cowards and Flaming Lips DSOTM. Dead Weather is a very cool Jack White project and they obviously had a great time making it. Parts of the Lips album are hypnotic and like Cowards a refreshing lark of a project.

Best so far is Magnetic Fields Realism. Whatever one thinks of Stephin Merritt's various incarnations, with Mag Fields he is a ligit rock persona of rare wit & sophistication.
I really like the following for 2010: the XX, the National, the Throwdowns, Vampire Weekend, Solomon Burke, the Soft Pack, remastered Exile on Main Street plus 10.
It has to be Mojo. The first album from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers in 8 years...

Nobody told you. It died in 1980. Only AOR radio keeps its bloated corpse alive. Oh, and the odd tour....:)
my new nominee is the besnard lakes, "the roaring night". they work the same beach boy complex melody/beautiful harmony thing as seemingly every other acclaimed indy band (animal collective, grizzly bear, fleet foxes, etc.), but they meld really nice, spacey guitar workouts that invoke pink floyd or the church. very well recorded; nice stuff.
i've also revaluated "broken bells", which is apparently on constant rotation at every starbucks in the universe. the songs took awhile to seep in, but it really is a great record.
Yeah, Besnard Lakes may be the best yet from the Montreal collective scene. Dense energetic orchestration in the vein of Arcade Fire, but with tighter R&R focus. Also some great girl-group vocals. I spun this up after listening to Chris Bell's "I am the Cosmos"-- and heard more of Big Star's genius in Besnard Lakes than in Bell's mostly dismal cul de sac.
Off 1 day's listen, I'd say Tom Petty's Mojo. I also really like the recent Peter Wolf CD. Not much else has really moved me, so far.

yep, MOJO is a good disc indeed(and they were good in Philly last weekend!). I'm liking the latest Widespread Panic too!
and the nominees are...

The National "High Violet"
Black Keys "Brothers"
Broken Bells "Eponymous"
Menomena "Mines" (just got this one...weird but wonderful)
Joanna Newsom "Have One On Me"
Spoon's Transference is really solid

I second the recommendation of the Black Keys and The National records, both nice. I bet the Arcade Fire's new one will be cool too, just waiting for all the hipsters to stop creaming their jeans to listen.
Black Keys - Brothers

Widespread Panic - Dirty Side Down

Stone Temple Pilots

Vampire Weekend bored me to tears, I have a vinyl copy, cheap, if anyone wants it!!
Adam Lambert "For Your Entertainment"

Ok, not really. Can't believe you guys like High Violet that much. It's a nice album but certainly no where near the other National stuff. Actually a little boring and I am a big fan. Saw them Monday with The Antlers here in Columbus and they were spectacular! They are such a mature band in every way...writing, musicianship, performance...Fkn Stellar.