Best RMAF 2012

1. Complete TAD system

2. Sanders

3. Venture FM Acoustics

4. Voxativ Ampeggio

Best for the $$$ $1394.00 Magnepan MMG with Bass Panel.
In no order.

1. Sanders
2. MBL
3. Acoustic Zen Crescendo

4. Audeze LCD-3 with Woo DAC and tube amplifier
i am not surprise about the winning of Crescendos,
i auditioned many speakers a year ago, many that i will need a big list to mention them,
certainly the AZ were the most satisfying of all, and with tubes, the nirvana we are all looking for, i dont sell mine in any money.
my 2 cents
Really enjoyed the Wyred4Sound & Fidelis rooms. Both were highly musical and non fatiguing. Also very afforable.
Fidelis was using Harbeth speakers and Wyred used Paradigm 8's, great bass. Haven't heard Paradigms sound that good before.
1. GTT room, YG acoustics, Tenor, Veloce
2. Small highwater room, Horning speakers, Pure Sound
3. Veloce, YG acoustics room
4. BAT, Rockport room