Best Ripping Software

I'm looking to rip a whole bunch of CDs that I can then load onto my SSD in my Roon Nucleus.  These are not commercially available CDs, so I need to also have a software option to deal with names of Bands, Dates of Shows, Song titles, etc.  Would appreciate advice on ripping software and options for updating what I believe is called the metadata.  Thanks in advance.
Try dB power amp or EAC “exact audio copy”.
Thanks @tom6897.  I forgot about EAC. I've had it on my old PCs for years now.  You are right that it is the best.  Then, what do I use to go in and change the track/title information?  That is more of a struggle.
You can choose title and genre and file type before ripping. Open the programs and play around with the menus and file setup parameters. Use the “Help” and FAQ’s to answer any lingering questions.
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