best ribbon tweeter in small size

This is probably not realistic, but I am hoping to find a ribbon tweeter that is excellent, in
the 4kHz+ range (24dB highpass) and is not higher than 8cm overall! I know th ravens and ESG2's
are pretty small (+/-12cm H), and they still go down to 2kHz or better. So it should be
You might want to check the small HiVi (RT1-II) -- which is a planar/magnet affair. I've never tried it.
If you could go the extra cm, the Raven 1 would be an obvious choice, and it's a "real" ribbon drive unit.
What mid are you looking at, to mate the ribbon tweet?
i believe newform makes a ribbon that is about that size check out their website
neo3 bohlender graebener
try to find a Heil Tweeter.
kinda like a ribbon, but instead of moving back and forth it goes side to side. wierd eh?
got some on my speakers, incredibly detailed.
In fact, they is the ONLY redeeming quality of my speakers.

I would tell you the brand, but you would just laugh at me.