Best results using what fulids with VPI or

I have a ClearAudio matrix record cleaning machine and an curious as to what choice of cleaning fulids/methods others may have found to render the best results
Record Research Labs Super Deep Cleaner and Super Vinyl Wash. Music Direct OEMs these as their MoFi record cleaning products. I also use Vinyl Zyme on really dirty records or those with mold release prior to any other treatment.
Walker Audio Prelude and Disc Doctor Miracle Record Cleaner have worked very well for me with a VPI record cleaning machine. Both are highly recommended, with the observation that Walker Prelude has won me over. I'll be re-cleaning all my LPs with Prelude over time given the improved results. See reviews and comments at the Walker Audio web site and note that Walker offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.
I totally agree with Rushton. I spent the afternoon cleaning very old and mangy, recently purchased (I live in Princeton where the pickins are good thanks to The Princeton Record Exchange), but in good condition records with my newly delivered Walker Audio Prelude and have to say my records have never sounded better. My 20 year old VPI cleaner says "maybe it is because each side gets 3 passes,", but what the heck. It works. And once you get a system and don't waste fluids (3), it is not tedious. My wife even noticed (but she has good hears and insists on records not cd's). Cleaned, blown away and stoked, in audio heaven! I am off to buy more old grungy albums manana. And no, I have no affiliation with Mr. Walker, although I believe we are both Texans.
MoFi Record Research products. All I need, no worry and they work perfectly.
anybody tried this L'Art du Son??
I have. I find it provides better results than the VPI standard fluid, or the Miracle Record Doctor one step method. In fact, the result is good enough that I'm off the upgrade treadmill in that regard. I'm sure it's not perfect, but I don't have the itch to go find better.
Lynlv, I believe Musical Surroundings is the main US Distributor for Clearaudio Products. Perhaps give Garth Leerer over there a call, and ask him what he suggests work best with thier machines?

I just got a Benz Ruby 3 from them not long ago, they will answer your questions. Mark
Steam cleaning is really the best way to clean a record. I just use my Nitty Gritty to vacuum off the condensed water.
I recently purchased the Walker Audio Prelude deluxe kit.

In the 25 years of using various brands of cleaning solutions.
I find Lloyd Walkers active emzyne base record cleaning method remarkable.

It does everything he says it does.