Best Respighi Pines of Rome

Perhaps this belongs in the "Music" forum, but I'm looking for vinyl only so here goes...I just picked up a used Living Presence of Respighi's Pines of Rome. First and only release of this for me, was only $4 and in decent condition.

After Disc Doctor, the recording has more background noise relative to other used purchases I have made, and I'm wondering if there might be another release recommended among those that you have experience with.

Any and all suggestions (except going to CD) appreciated.

If you can find it, Reiner/Chicago on RCA. A Living Stereo LP.
Agree with the Reiner/Chicago recommendation. Classic Records reissued this performance on vinyl and they're currently offering it for sale at $15 on their website.
Charles Dutoit, Montreal Symphony, London LDR 71091
This a digital recorded LP that is also on CD.
This is a colorful piece, so the digital master brings it out, not to mention this is a very good permformance (IMO).
It also includes "The Fountains" and "Roman Festivals". Most LP sets usually have just The Fountains.

Other good choices on LP are (in no particular order)...

Von Karajan, Berlin Phil., Deutche Grammophon 2531 055

Charles Munch, New Philharmonia, London Jubilee 41024

Ormandy, Philadelphia, CBS Records MY 38485

Feccia, New Philharmonia, Quintessence 7058

And the Reiner recommended above on: RCA ATL1-4040

MFSL - Maazel and the Cleveland Orchestra. I've heard, but can't confirm, that the original Decca was even better.
I have the decca Maazel and it is exquisite!
The Decca has been reissued by Speakers Corner, I believe. Got one coming to me. Also have the UHQR of this recording, will be interesting to compare and see how much MFSL jacked up the bass. I also prefer the Reiner recording (the Classic reissue is stunning), and the Frescia is a very good interpretation and was released years ago on CD by Chesky, but sounds a little thin and steely even with the decent Chesky transfer.
I have a sealed Philips digital LP copy of Edo de Waart conducting the San Francisco Symphony on this piece. Pines, Festivals... Anyone know if this performance/recording is worth breaking the seal? :-)
4Yankx..Hmmmm....It is not good enough to be worth breaking the seal, then maybe it is not worth anything sealed??!! Just a thought.
Sugarbrie, I guess it is my bad for failing to use a silly "smilie", since no one can see the tongue what was placed in my cheek. It is simply an LP I've had on the shelf for some time and wondering if anyone knows if it is a good performance. On the other hand, if it IS a good performance, it might be have more value to an avid Respighi lover than to me. Just a another thought.
4yanx, I wasn't serious either :-)
Both the Decca Maazel and the RCA Reiner are fabulous interpretations.......however, for sonics, the Decca, for me, is much better. I have, however, not heard the Reiner re-issue.
Come over some time, Rick, I'll let you hear them both!
The Reiner Living Stereo-recording has been re-issued by JVC as a terrific sounding XRCD (26 $ at or Tower Records). According to German classical music guru Attila Csampai, who is a vinyl-junkie as well, these XRCDs sound even better than the original vinyl-discs
Thanks for the invite Russ.....We must make some time!