best resistors

I want to change out resistors in my phono stage. The problem is Vishay and Texas Intruments resistors would be very difficult to fit. Any opinions as to the best axial lead resistors? Need many values and looking for maximum resolution, somewhat forgiving sonics. Anyone heard the Takman's?

Thanks, Scott
Mills Resistor Company
2nd on Mills.. Savant Audio did a mod on my Benz phono unit with Mills and it is terrific.
mills wirewounds or dale metal films
Why would the Texas Component resistors be difficult to fit? They are nearly identical in length and thickness to any 1/2w resistor. Is height an issue? If so, could you mount them on the other side of the circuit board?

I just replaced 22 resistors with the Texas Components in a Counterpoint SA-2 and was very impressed with the new level of clarity. I don't know how much changing one or two might contribute, but it was quite amazing with this many. This seems to be the current resistor that everything else is now compared to.
Thanks guys, seems the mills are the consensus choice thus far. Jafox, I've thought about fitting the premium film resistors, but they will be impossible to fit as they are all radial leads, simply won't fit the point to point wiring scheme in the Cayin. Now I could make up my own circuit board using the Texas Components, a thought!
Each lead of a Texas Components/Nude Vishay resistor is 1.5" long. Using needle nose pliers, the two leads can be bent 90 degrees to achieve 3.25" total span-- pretty much the same as any other radial-lead resistor.
Thanks Dave, I thought about doing that, but having no experience with those resistors thought I might damage the leads. So, ok, I'll go with the nude Vishays!
What Dgarretson describes is exactly what I had to do to make these work in the Counterpoint circuit board. There was typically 1/8" lead extended on each side of the resistor body and then each was bent back down to go through the circuit board holes.
Bending the leads of a resistor will not damage it as long as you apply common sense force. Another space saving orientation is to use vertical rather than horizontal space. This is done by leaving one lead straight and pushing it through the circuit board with the body of the resistor perpendicular to the board. now bend the lead on top of the resistor through the other hole. Once you get the hang of it, pre-bending before insertion is the way to go. Resistors don't care about physical orientation and as long as you have the vertical space this is the real estate efficient orientation.
Thanks guys, my issue is space limitations within point to point wiring within signal circuit. If you look at the pictures of the Cayin phono stage in my virtual system you will see I have severe space limitations, I'm not sure I can make any radial lead resistor work even with bending the leads. Now I could possiby rework the chassis and make more room.

It seems any axial lead capacitor will be a sonic compromise relative to the Vishay nudes. Very unfortunate if I want to attain maximum benefit.

Thanks Danmyers, I use this exact technique when fitting capacitors.
OK Scott, I looked at your system and you don't need modding advice from me :) Nice kit and some great mods, too. Good luck making it all fit cause I'm sure it sounds awesome!
Anyone heard the Takman's?

Using takman in the Defy7, plate votage, 
My tech guy suggested we go carbon composite so we did, After 10 minutes I noted a smoothing out effect, = maybe warmer,,which is not what I wanted.
I perfer detail, more separation. I can clearly understand why folks like Caron composite, for its smoothness, But  considering the Defy has 6 6550's each channel, there is no need for any **extra** smoothness. So we went back to what Jadis had originally, metal, 
WE had the Takman Metal already ordered, and after switching, that same **Jadis sound* came back to the amp.
I do not find the metal edgy at all. 
I have some Takman Metal Rey's going in my Jadis DPL next week. Replacing the 20+ yr old metal resistors there now.

I'll report back on upgrade. 

Vishay Zfoil's are 1/2 watt, I need 1 watt in the Jadis DPL, so $17X 2 = not doable. 
I don't want to duplicate the resistor load. 
Might add more noise/distortion + Zfoil's do not have all the values I need.
IMHO the best resistor for the money are the Takman ~~Rey~~ Metal, has nearly every value and 1/2 watt and 1 watt. The only value  not avaliable in the Rey's was the 470K, But did offer every other value = making the Rey best choice in resistor. 

For the 470K we will go with the Audio Note Tantalum made in Britain . @ $15 each. 
We plan to  do this res swap in stages, make sure I like the sound.
as per Richard Grey's advice. Richard sides with caution when making upgrades.