Best repair people for my Threshold 400a?

400A upgraded to e/stasis circuit by Threshold.Has stopped working, I can still send it to the New Threshold located in Texas or do I send it to Jon Soderberg? Any thoughts or suggestions would be most helpful.
Thank you.
You might want to check with Nova Audio who I believe still licenses and manufactures Threshold product. I once needed a part a few years ago and they were very nice to deal with.
Jon Soderberg is the man. Jon has done upgrades on several of my Threshold amps and brought my Threshold T2 preamp to a new level.

When I do a search via Bing or Google for a Threshold 400A the following link for a tech comes up that I haven't heard of when it came to repairing Threshold amps.

Ken Ealey Audio

I always thought Jon Soderberg at Vintage Amp Repair was the main man when it came to repairing Threshold amps.

Has anyone had their Threshold amps or any other amps repaired by Ken Ealey? What was his work like?

He goes into a lot of detail as to what he offers.

Thanks JD
Jon is an X Threshold tech who worked at Threshold for years. He knows the Threshold vintage amps extremely well and if you want it back to factory specs and sound I would call him.
If you are anywhere near Toronto, Canada there is a fellow Dan Santoni who does tremendous work. Has worked on my Thresholds, only person I trust. DTS Audio,
I've had two Threshold pieces done by Jon Soderberg of Vintage Amp Repair. Excellent work, knowledgeable, prompt, polite, easy to work with, willing to follow up, A+.
Thanks for the help everyone. Since I'm in the US I'll get in contact with Jon Soderberg ASAP. JD
Jon worked on my Threshold 400a. He was as mentioned by others, knowledgeable, courteous, and very prompt. I would not send my Threshold anywhere else.