Best Repair center for Pioneer LD player

Hi all,
I just bought a LD player on eBay that was supposed to be in great working shape. Of course, either the seller or UPS has made the player a little less than great. I'm wondering if anyone knows the best place to get the player back up to running. I like the player, and would like a repair estimate, but since I have to ship it anyway, where's the best place on the East Coast of the US? I live in VA, and the closest place to me is in NC (from the Pioneer website.)

Thank you for ANY help you might have. I would like to see this CLD-52 run (it won't open the disc drawer!) Granted, I'll probably upgrade anyway seeing as I wanted the true ELITE woodsided model, but anyway :)

You must be in Southern Virginia? I like a place in Baltimore if you are in Northern Virginia. Repost if North and I will look it up. (Can't remember name).
Hey Chris, it's Sarah--JS Audio in Bethesda has repaired (actually, sent stuff around the corner to a repair shop they use) two of my Pioneer LD/DVD players so far. You can call Joe or Mike at JS Audio, 301-656-7020, for help. I'm not sure they can take a unit they didn't sell, but tell them you bought my Pioneer TX-09 receiver recently and they will know who you are! Tell them I asked for them to help you out. Good luck,
Sarah Clement
Thanks Sugarbrie,
I am stuck in southwestern VA. Student at Virginia Tech! I live miles and miles from anywhere!
I figured somewhere in DC would be decent. Big enough city!