Best remote controlled sub for music, will use 2

I have a pair of Silverline Sonatas that I am looking to use a sub with. I would like to have remote control as it will be used in the theater as well. My room is largish at 15 x 33 x 8 and I may need 2 of them to achieve the levels needed, so they would need to work together.
Any suggestions?
If you use a pair of Velodyne SMS-1's (stand alone bass EQ boxes) with any good sub, you get remote control EVERYTHING (levels, crossovers, EQ, EQ points, Q size, slope, subsonic filter and its slope, phase, five settings each, etc.) And it visually shows you the effects of sub placement, room EQ, all in real time and on your tv/screen. They're each $599 (mono) and invaluable for integration to mains and HT. You can set them up for music, and a compleetly different setting for LFE/movies, if needed, all remotely. To me, an incredible tool. I'll never dso without them, unless you get Velodyne DD series subs (whcih have them built in).... but why not shop for the best subs for your needs and budget.
Hey Zapper,

MJ Acoustic. I use two and they are awsome. Read up on them, I'm sure you will like them......John
zapper don't waste your money on the remote with the size of room you have. If your room was smaller than a remote sub would be the way to go. I was very fortunate to have a sub shoot out at my house between the velodyne dd 15, paradigm signature servo (also a 15 inch with no room correction)and a b&w 855(no room correction). With my kids and wife being the judge of the sound both for movies and audio the b&w won,velodyne was second,signature servo third. The b&w was an easy winner so i bought two.These subs not only look super they perform awsome!!! get the 855 they will blow you away.
No offense Orfe, but I don't understand the loigic behind the smaller the room the more you need a remote. Also, the B&W experience is in your room, not his. And unless you have some sort of bass eq measurment devices (other than ears) you will not get them integrated well...phase anomalies, intermod distortion, etc. Did you fully measure and eq in the DD-15? How did the B&W get past the nodes and nulls that you saw in the DD-15 EQ process?
Hey Zapper,

My room is exactly the same size as yours and the 10" drivers and 150 watts of power that the MJ Ref 150 MK II's will provide, are more then enough. I also doubt that a 15" driver is fast enough to keep up with your Silverline Sonatas. I've owned B&W subs before and they are very good with movie soundtracks but when it comes to music, I've always found them lacking. Back a few years, before B&W got so heavy into subs, their dealers would push Rel subs as the perfect match. The MJ subs are made by some of the same engineers that worked at Rel before Rel started out sourcing to China........John
aerial acoustic SW-12. terrific sub and comes with remote.